Flash Freebies and 2 HUGE Thank You's!

Everyone loves a freebie, right?

Have you visited Mrs Poultney's Ponderings? Tania is a fellow Grade 3 teacher in Australia and I love reading along with what she has to share. She is currently having some flash freebies - a new freebie everyday! BUT you have to follow her facebook to get all the details! Head over there now! 
Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

Now I have two BIG HUGE Thank yous! The first is to Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. I purchased an advertising space on her blog and little did I know she then writes a huge blog post about you! I was so touched I was blushing! You can read it here. Here blog is a blast, if you haven't come across it, definitely check it out!

The second thank you is to Teacher Mom of 3. I am a guest blogger on her blog today! I would love have Lauren's job - but as a maths specialist. If you haven't checked out her blog, click on the link below - I love what she has to share!

Ladies, thank you and thank you!


Maths Game Monday Time!!!

Monday, Monday...

Today's game is called Race to 100. A simple game that requires only dice, small whiteboards, whiteboard markers and erasers or a workbook. The goal is to roll dice, keep a running tally and reach 100. There many ways to change this activity so it best suits your children including different target numbers, types of dice and number of dice. Find all the details in the download.

 All instructions are included in the download - just click on the image below!

For Australian Teachers  

Thank you to Jessica Weible for the cute background.

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Enjoy your week!

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New for Old Replacement

Another weekend has come and gone - how do they do that so quickly?! Anyway, house is clean, washing is done, brownies are made (and mostly eaten), my week is organised and I am ready for another Monday.

I updated another one of my packs over the weekend. I took the idea of my Times Tables Flash Cards and totally changed the whole pack. If you have previously downloaded it, please download it again - it is triple the size and soooooo much better now! For only $3 you get 48 pages of flash cards, posters and activities.

I also made up a little pack using my Australian Map Clipart set. Put Australia Back Together is a cut and paste activity. Print the Australian States and put back together, then stick on the labels. As easy as printing and copying! There are two different sizes of maps, perfect for individual and small group maps.

Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Marketplace stores for more details on how you can download these packs. 

GIVEAWAY! Would you like either of these packs? Pick and pack and enter the rafflecopter below! Hurry, you don't have long!


A Mid-Week Public Holiday

A mid-week rest for ANZAC Day was definitely well appreciated. After a day of attending the Dawn Service, watching TV and some gardening, I am back to school tomorrow for one more working day this week. It has been great to have a rest day to catch up on life and both my Grandma and Grandpa, who both serviced in WWII have been on my mind all day. R and I have tidied up one garden at our new house and we've added some colour, now we just hope it will rain!
Emma from Clever Classrooms has put together a new blog. Emma is amazing, she has a huge number of resources on Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest, some great ideas and heaps of Teacher Timesavers! Check out her blog below - what I love most about her new blog is that she has brought all her different websites and boards to one easy to find spot!
Clever Classroom


Math Game Monday!

Is it Monday again already! How did the last week fly by so quickly?

Today's game is called Around the World. Many of you might have played a different version of Around the World (every school seems to have something they call this!) but this one is a little different. Initially, this game is perfect for Kindergarten or 1st Grade, but with variations it can be played right through to 3rd Grade. It is a whole class game and all you need is 2 six-sided dice (or ten-sided when you are ready to extend). 

 All instructions are included in the download - just click on the image below!

For Australian Teachers   

And as always, thanks to Miss N from Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists for the cute backgrounds!

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Sunday AGAIN!!!!!!

Sunday night again! This is the time of the week that I don't like that Australia is so far ahead of the rest of the world - I would much rather be waking up and it being Sunday all over again!

Every weekend I say to myself, now I will do my schoolwork and correction first then I can get it all done and then play by looking at blogs, making fun activities and making cookies. BUT of course, that never happens - apart from today - Yay!

I did it, I finally did it! (It might help that we have a 4 day week with a mid-week public holiday this week)... All my schoolwork was done by 4.30 so now I'm catching on some internet time (although I am running out of usage AGAIN this month).

Now I am off to create some cutie posters using this little guy from Scrappin Doodles. I've got some kids who just haven't got the "magic e" yet....

Isn't he adorable? I am sure I am probably buying too much clipart at the moment!


Five for Friday & Freebies

It's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching once again for Five for Friday! So here we go!

It has been a busy week with lots going on! No rest just because it is the first week of term! And finally it has started to cool down a little, we even had to put the heater on!

This was our holiday writing! I was so pleased with how it turned out! Before the holidays, we had predicted what we wanted to do on the holidays in our Writer's Notebook. We went back and reflected on this and picked our favourite 3 things from the holidays. Then we wrote "tweets" under 140 characters about each event. We had to discuss use of best words to explain just what we did! The kids loved it and all wanted to get exactly 140 characters - struggling writers knew they didn't have to write much so got to work straight away! We took their pictures on an iPad, then converted it to Line Art - just a different look!

I would have loved to have used blue paper with some clouds (that would have looked so much better), unfortunately, we have been limited on coloured paper this year and only had a few pieces of blue.... :(

Download the speech bubbles I used here as a Google doc file. You can get the tweet bird from googling Twitter.

This was a great clock activity I came up with. I wanted the children to understand both the hour and the minute functions of a clock - we have had a lot of confusion! I have deliberately photocopied the hour clock and hands on a different coloured piece of paper to the minute hand and clock.
We created these clocks and then use a split pin to connect. Some children said that it clicked just after making the clock! They just needed the other numbers written around the outside!

Today we played a game with our clock - we rolled a 10 sided dice (called 0 -10) and then made a time using that number eg. if we rolled a 9, we could tell our partner to make any time that started with a 9. It was a great activity to sum up the week!

You can download my freebie Make Your Own Clock here!

We have been having trouble with working out durations of time eg. "If Jack left home at 8.30 and it takes him 15 minutes to get to school, what time did he get to school?" - I turned the circular clock into a linear clock to help teach the concept! I was so happy with how it turned out - we are going to use it next week to help us with some questions...

This week we have been adding more skills to our CAFE board. I loved this group - the girl was teaching the concept of "Define an unknown word" and was reading sections and then asking them to explain what words meant - it was a heart melting moment!

This term our writing topic is Persuasive Writing. I saw a poster on Pinterest that used these prompts and LOVED it so we created an anchor chart together - of course as soon as I write the children's names after their suggestion, they go crazy with answers - they just want their names up there!

Have a great weekend!


Falling Into a New Strategy

For those who are regular follower of my blog, you know that I am teaching in a team teaching situation this year where we have two classes in a big space and both together and separately across the day.

The hardest thing we had been finding is the noise level - If I say "noise level 1" I expect noise level of 1. The issue has been 54 children leaving the floor together, crashing into each other and pushing their way to their tubs. We have tried different things like "everyone who has a birthday in January" or "if you are wearing red" but these get old and usually the kids start talking as they leave the floor.

Lately, we stumbled across a winner and I have to share it with you - it is simple! The task is explained, noise level discussed, collection of materials collected and then we send off about 6 kids. We watch them go to their tubs, I am still talking saying what a great job they are doing moving off with a zero voice level, collecting what they need and then straight to work, then we start nodding at children. When we nod at the child they are allowed to go - they all sit beautifully, quietly and facing us so they can see when we nod at them, so they go off to work straight away. It may take another minute, but it is definitely worth it!

Management of 54 children - check!

While I am here, I will share with you an updated pack.

I LOVE number puzzles. We always pull them out if we have a spare 10 minutes - it is a great 10 minute time saver! Once they are made, they last year after year. All details are in the pack!

You can download it for only $1.50 at my Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook or Teachers Marketplace stores.


Math Game Monday Week 5

It's time again for...

Today's game is called Flip 3 and Add. It's a simple game that requires only a deck of cards between partners. What I really like about this game is the variations you can make to change the game to suit the needs of the children in your class. Differentiation at it's best!

All instructions are included in the download - just click on the image below! 
 For Australian Teachers

And as always, thanks to Miss N from Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists for the cute backgrounds!

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Spring Cleaning of Products - in Autumn?

Well, my school holidays have come to an end and Term 2 starts tomorrow. A much needed break, these holidays have given me the opportunity to organise my life! Unfortunately, that means I did everything but do my schoolwork! So that is the plan for today....

Before I get starting on my planning and correction, I thought I would do a blog post and maybe some blog hopping to show off two packs I have revised lately.

My main focus has been to tidy up my packs, add more photos and greater explanation. I started with my Geometric Multiplication Circles. A simple pack, for sale for only a $1.25, this activity helps children understand skip counting with times tables as well as a fun art activity.

The pictures tell it all:

A worksheet for each times table plus a blank worksheet.

Start by highlighting the skip counting pattern.

Then start to draw the lines to match. All instructions on worksheet.

Pattern finished!

Colour the pattern in and then mount on colored cardstock for display.

Available from my Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook and Teachers Marketplace stores for only $1.25 - an activity you can use over and over again as you investigate different times tables.

The second file I have updated is my Decimals and Fractions - Making Connections. This pack was previously 37 pages and now has 74. There are still a few activities to be added with the denominator of 100, but I wanted to upload it now.

Here are some of the activities included in this booklet.

Fraction Wall (add decimals if you like!)

Make a Fraction and Decimal book.

Number Expanders

Number Caterpillar

Plus so much more fun! This pack is full of great ideas to help you teach fractions and decimals as well as plenty of games to print out, laminate and use in small groups. A full 74 pages for only $6!

Available from my Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook and Teachers Marketplace stores.

Now, I really should get to my schoolwork now!

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