TGIF + a Friday Freebie

Wow! What a day. After a glass or two of wine I am so glad that day is over! I don't think I had 10 minutes rest from children talking at me, to me and while I was trying to talk. How many times can you say "I can only listen to one person at a time"!!! Everyone was a bit needy today I think, including the teacher!

I have finally downloaded all my clipart and fonts again after my computer crashed and updated my 2D Shapes Mobile to include a trapezoid, as requested. So if you have already downloaded, please head back to TpT and download it again! Click the photo below...
While I was at it, I uploaded one of my classroom posters for you to download for FREE. Click on the photo below to download. This has been working great in my classroom and a great reference point for the children (apart from today!!!).

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  1. Hahaha You are describing my classroom! I tell the kids that I'm going to change my name because I'm sick of hearing it!

    Cheers to the weekend!!!!!!

    Little Learners


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