Sticker buying time, personalise it!!

I LOVE this website and I just had to share!

I am a stickler for always making sure I acknowledge every piece of work the children complete – whether it be a check, smiley face, stamp or sticker, they have taken the time to do the work, and I need to acknowledge how hard they have worked. Because of this, I got through a few stickers and I must say, out of all my stickers, these are my favourite!

I have been getting personalised stickers through Signature Stickers for a little while and while they are Australian based, they also ship overseas. The stickers are adorable and I LOVE the fact I get to have my name on them (just have to use them all up before I get married)! The kids LOVE them too! Check out the website. Here is a sample I love from the website....


  1. How cute are these!!!

    Kristy and Misty

  2. Oh wow! I love it, definitely going to check it out, thanks Alison.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  3. Thanks for this post Alison! My grade sevens still love stickers and I love this personalized idea! I'll be checking out that website for sure:)



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