New House Interestings....

Anyone who has been following my blog lately will know that R and I moved into a new house recently. And after moving out of our unit, moving into a shed, moving out, moving into a house and starting at a new school, time has certainly got away from me. This weekend I have a LONG weekend (woooo!) and while I get the day off for Labour Day (an 8 hour day, if a teacher knows anything about that!), R works over the border in New South Wales so still had to go to work today. I have used the weekend to try and catch up and get ahead.

All houses have their quirks, after our first full weekend at home since moving in this is what I have found:

1. Our clothes line can easily fit 4 loads of washing = fantastic! Heat wave = dry within half an hour too!

2. If looking up in the shower to find not one, but two spiders watching you, then you look back later and can only see one doesn't give you enough incentive to get out the bug bombs, then the giant cricket in the lounge room will.

3. If you park your car under a tree, instead of the garage since it is full of school stuff, then the cockatoos roosting up in the tree will make sure you know they are there = result, garage cleaned, cars now fit.

4. Said cockatoos like to wake up around 5am on the weekend, but are quite peaceful during the week.

5. R is very patient with me, probably taking up a bit too much room in the shed with my school stuff... really should consider stopping switching schools and year levels.

6. That neighbour's dog, that you think is really sick, may actually turn out to be a pig when you look over the fence...

7. I definitely do not need to buy anymore Stampin' Up products until I actually have time to play and make stuff with them.

8. Tea, I don't need anymore Tea for at least 6 months!

9. Question?? Can a women really have too many scarves? I have just finished unpacking my suitcase full and have decided not and if this 2 month long heat wave might finally end, I might just be able wear one of the them.

10. Thanks to Ellen, I have been listening to Luke Bryan all morning - LOVE him! Tell me though, where is Suntan City?

Off to do some schoolwork now... which actually means some blog hopping, right?


  1. Happy moving and sorting in our current heat wave. I recently had to cull loads of resources due to space and it was actually a good task to do - if not used in three years, out it went.

    1. I will stick by those rules, when I get to it that is (might take me another couple of months to sort)! Thanks Paula!

  2. Glad you're settling in!

    As for the scarves... I have TWO square boxes full of scarves. (I have them categorised for Autumn/Spring scarves and Winter scarves.) I am useless when it comes to scarf shopping and come home with more than I will ever need. (I was out today, and it's 36 degrees and I still saw some pretty scarves and thought... ooh, they look nice!)

    Miss Galvin Learns

    1. 2 boxes! Ooooo! Mine fill a coat rack! Don't worry, I always buy more scarves than I should too!

  3. I'm so glad you found me and I'm now following you back!! This post gave me a good laugh! :)
    ideas by jivey

  4. We can definitely NEVER have enough scarves. I have mine separated into patterns and solids, though I won't admit to how many I actually have. Let's just say that I keep a photo of them on my phone so that when I am shopping I can be sure to check to see if I already own one the color I am considering :-)

    1. Thanks Mrs O! I'll agree with you! (P.S. I do think it is a bit funny that you have a photo on your phone though.... I probably shouldn't buy anymore until we find out how cold it gets where we live now!


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