Holiday time!

Wooo Hoo, school holidays start today! I am going to enjoy these 2 weeks off!!! So excited to have a rest, catch up with friends and family, be crafty, make and fix some products and of course plenty of blog reading!

Happy Easter to all my blogging friends, and if you are lucky like I am and have a break - rest, relax and enjoy!
P.S. I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you - I got a lovely bunch of flowers from a kid in my class today - what a lovely Easter present!


  1. Have a great break, Alison! Your holiday goals sound familiar!! Hope we manage to fulfill them!

  2. Alison, have a restful break. I am hoping to blog surf for a few days too and then we head off for a break.

  3. Enjoy your Easter break! I am also looking forward to some blog surfing =)

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