20% Everything!

Happy Easter & Happy Spring Break - here is something to celebrate! Head to my TpT Store for 20% off this week! So time to stock up! Head on over!


Holiday time!

Wooo Hoo, school holidays start today! I am going to enjoy these 2 weeks off!!! So excited to have a rest, catch up with friends and family, be crafty, make and fix some products and of course plenty of blog reading!

Happy Easter to all my blogging friends, and if you are lucky like I am and have a break - rest, relax and enjoy!
P.S. I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you - I got a lovely bunch of flowers from a kid in my class today - what a lovely Easter present!

Math Game Monday

It's time for Week 2 of Math Game Monday! This is a game my teaching partner taught me last week and our kiddos loved it! It's called the 10 Second Walk - something so simple captured the attention of our classes for at least 10 minutes. All you need is a stopwatch (that measures to hundredths of a second), a stop button on your whiteboard (included in the pdf download) and a class full of kids! Click on the images below to download.

 For Australian & Canadian Teachers

Click here if you missed last weeks Math Game Monday - Triangular Cards


Five for Friday and a Friday Freebie!

I'm linking up with Doodlebugs for another Five for Friday!

1. St Patrick's Day
We celebrated St Patty's Day at school on Monday with this adorable craftivity from A Cupcake for the Teacher. The children had so much fun writing about how to catch a leprechaun! It was perfect for children of all ages!
2. Time Capsule
We have finally sealed up our time capsule for this year. It has only taken 2 months! We have included a first day of school photo, our height measurement on the first day of school and an information booklet about themselves. We had wanted to share the booklets at our Parent Teacher Interviews, then just forgot to put the time capsule together afterwards. Now everything is in an envelope for each children, in the sealed box, waiting until December for us to open in the last week of school! I LOVE this activity!
3. Shutter Huggers
Have you seen what a Shutter Hugger is? I have bought them for all my friends and family having babies - they are soft toys that you put around your camera lens so babies smile at the camera! A-DOR-A-BLE! They even ship worldwide! I had some arrive in the post this week (internet shopping is dangerous!) and I can't wait to send them out!

4. Planning Day
After all these years of hoping we could have a planning day, I am finally in a school that has Planning Days! I was so excited. We didn't have specialists all week and the kiddos had them all yesterday so the  Grade 3 and 4 teachers could spend the day planning - it feels like we are so far ahead for next term already! Can't wait for the holidays to get some booklets made and organised!

5. LAST Friday of Term 1!
We may have another week to go, but with next Friday being a public holiday for Good Friday, I was so excited to know we only have 4 days to go until 2 weeks off! I am definitely counting down!

NOW for the FREEBIE!

If you have downloaded my 2D Shapes Mobile, here is your chance to download my 3D Shape Mobile for FREE! Here are both the mobiles hanging side by side in my classroom.
Don't they look cute!

Here is what you get in the FREE 3D Shapes Mobile set. The clipart is adorable! Thanks to Miss N from Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists for her adorable 3D Shape Clipart! 

And if you are interested, here is the 2D Shapes Mobile set.
So cute! Even if you don't want to hang them as a mobile in your classroom, they make an adorable set of posters!


Another 2 HUGE giveaways!!!!

I can't believe how huge some of the giveaways are at the moment and this one is no exception! Christy from Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road (what a sweet name, hey) is having an absolutely huge giveaway. There is a K-2 Giveaway and a 3-5 Giveaway. Go visit today and enter! If you are already following me on my blog and on TpT, then you have some entries already!

Click on the link below

Also check out this giveaway from Mel at Top Notch Teaching! Her blog is turning 1 and she is having a huge celebration!


Bunny Maths Review & Giveaways Giveaways!

I was blog hopping recently (in my usual meant to be doing homework time...) and came across this great blog Looking From Third to Fourth.  AMC was asking for people to edit her latest HUGE pack and I was more than happy to do it!
Looking From Third to Fourth

Metric, Linear, Measurement Activities

What I loved about this pack:
* It is huge! Over 100 pages of everything you could possibility need to do a two week investigation on  measurement.
* When I say everything, I mean everything, simply print off and use!
* It includes both American and Canadian links and spelling - so perfect for teachers all over the globe!
* There are hands on activities, small group activities and practical worksheets as well.
* There are activities simply concentrating on converting measurements AND put an emphasis on making sure the correct unit is used.
* The bunny is adorable!
* Length, area and perimeter are all taught!
* It includes matching posters (with both American and Canadian spelling) for each topic, including the measurements. 

Head on over to TpT to get your own copy - very reasonably priced!!

AMC is also having a giveaway of 2 x $10 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Certificates. Head on over to Looking From Third to Fourth to find out more information. Who wouldn't want a $10 gift certificate!

Also don't forget to go and enter Beach Sand and Lesson Plan's Birthday Bash Giveaway! If you already follow me, you get an immediate entry, I am featured today and am giving away my most popular booklet!


Math Game Monday

I'm starting something new this week...

I have so many Math Games to share with you all, that instead of putting together a pack, I decided that I would introduce a new game to my blogging buddies every Monday. All games will require very little equipment. Now here's the tricky part, I will post it on Monday (Australian time) which is Sunday (US time) meaning everyone has a new Math game to try that week. Are you excited yet???

Well, you should be, because this very first game is my ABSOLUTE favourite! I think I teach it to the kids on the first day of school! 

It is called Triangular Cards, as there are three players, sitting in a triangle and you require, you guessed it a deck of cards! I love this game so much because each player in the game, even the dealer, has Math to do. The dealer uses addition and automatic facts, while the other two players use subtraction, automatic facts and counting on or back to solve the question. Click on the link below to download and print the pdf instructions - ready for use straight away!

Australian Version

Thanks to Miss N from Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists for the gorgeous background papers.


P.S. Don't forget to go and enter Beach Sand and Lesson Plan's Birthday Bash Giveaway!


Fantastic Giveaway - A MUST visit!

Have you visited Gina at Beach Sand and Lesson Plans from Florida? She has an amazing Birthday Bash Giveaway, a new giveaway everyday PLUS a grand prize at the end of $25 to spend in her Teachers Pay Teachers store!!! Sounds amazing, right? 

Click on the image below to find out more!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies!


Five for Friday

For the first time, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday linky party. I have been reading so many of the last few weeks, that I thought it was time. It is Saturday in Australia, am I am so glad it is the weekend - 2 more weeks until Easter break!
Labour Day Holiday on Monday meant I could finally get all my crafty papers, stamps and punches all sorted in the new house. R bought me this shelf and I stocked up on plastic tubs from Bunnings - no more cardboard boxes for me! I'm so excited, it looks so pretty - I think I might make some pretty labels for the boxes.
Love my new shoes! They need a bit of stretching out though, why don't they just make half sizes!!!! Anyone have a quick fix for me so I don't have to get blisters?
I founds some more of my picture story books! Love these ones - was so excited to unpack a box and find them inside. The Black Book of Colours is full of beautiful illustrations on black paper, written in both raised braille and English - great for a senses unit.
My class went a little crazy over extra homework this week! They have spelling, reading and a small amount of Maths set by the Level 3 teachers - 9 of my students (in pursuit of extra table points) did EXTRA homework this week - a total of 27 extra sheets! WOW! They love to do Magic Number at home - they choose a number and write it in the middle of their page. Then around the number, the children write as many sums as they can to equal that number!
 My Teaching Clock from Amazon arrived! Yay! I have missed having a clock in my classroom that I can just pick up at any instant and do some quick time activities. Here it is set on a teacher's favourite time, especially on a Friday afternoon - hehe!


TGIF + a Friday Freebie

Wow! What a day. After a glass or two of wine I am so glad that day is over! I don't think I had 10 minutes rest from children talking at me, to me and while I was trying to talk. How many times can you say "I can only listen to one person at a time"!!! Everyone was a bit needy today I think, including the teacher!

I have finally downloaded all my clipart and fonts again after my computer crashed and updated my 2D Shapes Mobile to include a trapezoid, as requested. So if you have already downloaded, please head back to TpT and download it again! Click the photo below...
While I was at it, I uploaded one of my classroom posters for you to download for FREE. Click on the photo below to download. This has been working great in my classroom and a great reference point for the children (apart from today!!!).

Sticker buying time, personalise it!!

I LOVE this website and I just had to share!

I am a stickler for always making sure I acknowledge every piece of work the children complete – whether it be a check, smiley face, stamp or sticker, they have taken the time to do the work, and I need to acknowledge how hard they have worked. Because of this, I got through a few stickers and I must say, out of all my stickers, these are my favourite!

I have been getting personalised stickers through Signature Stickers for a little while and while they are Australian based, they also ship overseas. The stickers are adorable and I LOVE the fact I get to have my name on them (just have to use them all up before I get married)! The kids LOVE them too! Check out the website. Here is a sample I love from the website....


I'm Caught Up!

I might have just done it! After a three day weekend I might JUST have caught up! That never happens! There is not a single piece of work I haven't corrected that I wanted to and with all assessment done, this week is planned and I am feeling so happy to have caught up! I wonder how long it will last - until tomorrow? Yes, well they will do some Weekend Writing, but that is fun to correct! So hopefully this great feeling of being ahead lasts another 3 weeks until Easter break!

I was so excited last week when my new books arrived from Book Depository.

Have you seen this series of books? I got hooked on My Weird School when I taught in the US and read them every year! I will admit, they are probably more suited to 2nd Grade, but I still read it to my 3rd Graders! There is also My Weird School Daze and the latest My Weirder School. Reluctant readers love these and they are so cheap on Book Depository (around $5!). The kids love them year after year!

I also bought these two books by Greg Tang. He is so creative with his Math Books. I already have Grapes of Math and Math for all Seasons (both of which I just pick up and read we solve the questions whenever we need a book break) and I love them. I want to buy his whole set of books! Some more maths problems and a book with times tables - I love it! Can't wait to read them with the class!
Have a fabulous week!

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