Where do the days go?

Wow! What a week, seriously though, where do the days (and weeks) go! I can't believe holidays are over, school has started for a new year and we are right back in the swing of things! I have so much to share and definitely don't want to make this the longest post ever, (and you know I can be wordy) so let's see how I go!

Firstly, my store is having and extra 20% for the Superbowl sales. I can't wait to empty some more products out of my wishlist (but lets be honest, I will just replace them with more....)! Click below for a link straight to my store.
Thanks to Brooke at Teachable Moments for the cute pix!

2. We have moved into "The Shed" - about 15 minutes from school, so not so bad, the view, well there aren't many windows but vineyards (and dust). It has a bathroom, kitchen facilities and room for all our stuff - only 2 more weeks, then we can move into the house. Hopefully harvestors and tractors travelling through during the night will stop soon (but I guess the grapes do have to be picked!)

3. I entered my new classroom at my new school on Thursday and was able to turn it around by Tuesday of the following week. Here is my before picture (I keep forgetting to take my after picture). I am hoping, that just once, one year, I won't have to change classrooms, year levels or schools and won't have all that pre cleaning and decluttering!
After to come soon!
4. My new kiddies are amazing! My new school is lovely, everyone is so friendly, yard duty was a breeze and I know I am going to have such a great year! I have 26 Grade 3/4 in an opened planned classroom so we will definitely be doing activities with the class at the other end of the room!

5. Leaving the first day of school to go and see a dentist is not my idea of fun (who said Netball was a non contact sport), and I get the joy of visiting another 4 times in the coming months!

6. I bought myself a laminator! Wooo Hooo! I have wanted one for a while to have at home. Last year, I had a laminator really close to my room, so couldn't really justify it - but this year I decided to make a plunge! I only bought a cheap one - which meant it has already been returned (crinkling the paper!) and replaced with a new one - but $20 well spent!

Here I am laminating my 2D shape mobile! (Yes, I might teach Grade 3/4 but they still really need it!)
Putting it together....
And hung in my room!
Click here if you want to download your own copy!

7. We have moved to a very different climate, hot, dry flat land with a river, verse beach, sea breeze, thunderstorms and rolling green hills - this is going to take me some time to get used to the heat! However, I did manage to capture this lovely snap last night - the joys of living in the country!

Now a quick dip in the pool, maybe a champa's and some lesson planning to finish off the day!

Lastly, GO NINERS! Giants winning the World Series and now Niners in the Super Bowl, it has definitely been our year!

Phew, made it!


  1. Good to hear you've settled into your new class, I can't wait to see the after pics.

    Down Under Teacher

  2. I love your shape mobile - I think my Preps would love it! Where did you get the hoops from to attach each shape together? I purchased some split hoops from the $2 shop but they're like the ones on key chains and take FOREVER to thread anything onto.

    Very exciting that you get to move into your house soon! I'm moving houses next weekend and feeling a bit silly that I didn't do it in my quiet holidays haha

    Adoring Lilly

    1. Hi Casey! I found the hoops at Officeworks, in the key chain area. Unfortunately we had no choice in the moving situation - I would have loved to have moved in over the holidays!
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi Alison,

    Just wanted you to know that I am now following your blog! Thanks for stopping by and joining mine. So great to find another Aussie blogger! :)

    No doubt we will share lots of stories in the future :)

    Till then,

    Little Learners


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