Using Place Value Cards

We have made it to Friday Eve and I am excited! I have had Parent Teacher Interviews all week, now the 27 are done and here comes Friday! I love the chance to meet with parents, but staying late everyday gets to you by the end of the week - very tired and my classroom feels so unorganised!

Today we used my place value cards as a warm up to our Maths Lesson. First I printed out, laminated and made up sets of the cards. Then I gave each child a card, making sure I had given out approximately the same number of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. Then the children wandered around the classroom and then found partners to make a number. Here is an example.
Then they put them together to make a number.
Then we wrote the numbers on the whiteboard then went off and made a new number.
When we had written many numbers on the whiteboard, we sad and discussed strategies for making new numbers, features of the numbers (thousands, hundreds, tens and ones) and found numbers with different numbers in different places! 

A colleague gave me this fabulous idea and it was so much fun!

You can find my place value cards in my Understanding Place Value pack.

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  1. Great idea Alison! Love activities that get kiddies up and moving while they are learning.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings


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