Maths on the First Day of School

I'm playing catch up now. Going back three weeks ago to share what we did - ah well!

Our first day of school was full of lots of getting to know you activities, but I wanted to do a proper maths lesson.

We started with discussing how we used Maths over our school holidays. Where did we go, what did we do. Then moved into where Maths is used. We then went for a walk outside and try to spot Maths in our playground. We found shapes, lines, numbers, measurement - right from that minute I knew the kids who had a great understanding of maths concepts. One was discussing the perimeter and area, another mentioned right angled triangles - so specific. It was wonderful!

We took pictures, wrote captions for the pictures and then made a poster. Here it is....

Notice the bike shed in the background - we really could have stayed there the whole time - so much Maths!

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