Using Place Value Cards

We have made it to Friday Eve and I am excited! I have had Parent Teacher Interviews all week, now the 27 are done and here comes Friday! I love the chance to meet with parents, but staying late everyday gets to you by the end of the week - very tired and my classroom feels so unorganised!

Today we used my place value cards as a warm up to our Maths Lesson. First I printed out, laminated and made up sets of the cards. Then I gave each child a card, making sure I had given out approximately the same number of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. Then the children wandered around the classroom and then found partners to make a number. Here is an example.
Then they put them together to make a number.
Then we wrote the numbers on the whiteboard then went off and made a new number.
When we had written many numbers on the whiteboard, we sad and discussed strategies for making new numbers, features of the numbers (thousands, hundreds, tens and ones) and found numbers with different numbers in different places! 

A colleague gave me this fabulous idea and it was so much fun!

You can find my place value cards in my Understanding Place Value pack.

Maths with Names

When we introduced the word wall to the class, we also analysed a names a little by doing some names. First we made a bar graph of number of letters in our names (you will notice that Dan, Alex and Macka all decided to be called by their real names so they could get more letters).

Then we made a venn diagram of the number of consonants vs vowels. 

We drew both in our workbook then interpreted each graph. It was a quick, fun, getting to know you activity that showed me their understanding of representing data!

Edit 1 - The names were created by laminating then sticking a magnet to the back. Easy and reusable over and over again!

Ordering Numbers

This is my first year teaching in a team teaching classroom and I am still getting used to the whole "sharing kids between the two classes". It is hard for me to revert to the thinking of sharing my kids with others and switching the kids back and forth between the classes depending on need. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Can anyone give me some advice?

Our Maths lesson today was a great example of how with a combo class (Grades 3/4 together) team teaching works really well.

We started with drawing Number Paths. We have 10 spaces on our number path, put the number 0 in the first box and 100 in the last box. Then we rolled 2 10-sided dice (eg rolling a 4 and 8), then decide whether we want it to be a 48 or 84. Then place it in the correct spot on our Number Paths. We kept playing until we filled in our whole Number Path - it gets tricky towards the end!

Then we split up the class into two groups - I took the bottom of the two groups and we worked on ordering 3 digit numbers from smallest to larger. The top group used the 4 digit numbers. Both are included in my best selling item Understanding Place Value.

First I handed out a card to each child. Then all the girls stood up and had to find a boy that had a lower number than them. Then we switched over. Then we continued by walking around the classroom, stopping and joining up with someone close by. Then we described whether or not the partner had a higher or lower number. We played this for a while.

Then, without speaking, we put ourselves in order from the smallest number to the largest number (we had a long snake around the classroom). Then we did some whiteboard work talking about how we know some numbers are larger than others.

And that was our Maths lesson today!


Maths on the First Day of School

I'm playing catch up now. Going back three weeks ago to share what we did - ah well!

Our first day of school was full of lots of getting to know you activities, but I wanted to do a proper maths lesson.

We started with discussing how we used Maths over our school holidays. Where did we go, what did we do. Then moved into where Maths is used. We then went for a walk outside and try to spot Maths in our playground. We found shapes, lines, numbers, measurement - right from that minute I knew the kids who had a great understanding of maths concepts. One was discussing the perimeter and area, another mentioned right angled triangles - so specific. It was wonderful!

We took pictures, wrote captions for the pictures and then made a poster. Here it is....

Notice the bike shed in the background - we really could have stayed there the whole time - so much Maths!


I'm Back - Sorry been MIA!!

Oh no! I can’t believe it has been nearly a month since I last did a blog post! Some how the weeks have flown by and blog posts have slipped further down the “To Do” list. So sorry, but so happy to be back!

I now have my computer back – YAY! But I lost everything – all clipart, fonts, files, photos, schoolwork… a very good lesson for me to back up much more often!!! (AND you too all my readers!)  Luckily I had a couple of things that were important on a USB drive, so they are safe. It has taken me a while to download things again, set up some files and get my computer life organized again. Not to mention load all my favourite fonts back on! Unfortunately though, I need to add another page to my 2D Shape mobile (I forgot that not everyone calls a trapezium a trapezium = oops trapezoid) and just need to add a page and change one word – but I can’t, because I lost my file!!!! My brother has been put to work on that one!

We have also moved out of the shed and into the house! ANOTHER YAY! The house is beautiful – although for your air conditioner to be broken in the middle of summer is not fun! Hopefully fixed this week…… And now I have internet again YAY!!! One of the advantages of living in a shed in the middle of a vineyard is you get photos like this one – uninterrupted!

Here are a couple of snapshots of my classroom – it is still a little more plain than I would like, but going over the top didn’t seem to happen in my new school….
It is at least clean and tidy!
My new school uses team teaching - 2 teachers in a large room with 53 kids (well that's how many we have!). So this is looking through to the other end of the classroom. I am still getting my head around it all!
My desk area. I am leaving a lot more of my resources at home at this school - I just don't seem to have any room!
I LOVE these trolleys. I bought them at Officeworks and have one for my Maths resources and one for my Literacy resources.
This was a great activity we did as soon as school started. The children drew a picture of themselves looking back at their favourite memory from their school holidays (plus some holiday writing on the back). Then we took a picture of the back of each children and stuck it on, they are looking back on their holidays!

 Now I promise to make at least one blog post a day for the next week, lets see how I go with that one!


Where do the days go?

Wow! What a week, seriously though, where do the days (and weeks) go! I can't believe holidays are over, school has started for a new year and we are right back in the swing of things! I have so much to share and definitely don't want to make this the longest post ever, (and you know I can be wordy) so let's see how I go!

Firstly, my store is having and extra 20% for the Superbowl sales. I can't wait to empty some more products out of my wishlist (but lets be honest, I will just replace them with more....)! Click below for a link straight to my store.
Thanks to Brooke at Teachable Moments for the cute pix!

2. We have moved into "The Shed" - about 15 minutes from school, so not so bad, the view, well there aren't many windows but vineyards (and dust). It has a bathroom, kitchen facilities and room for all our stuff - only 2 more weeks, then we can move into the house. Hopefully harvestors and tractors travelling through during the night will stop soon (but I guess the grapes do have to be picked!)

3. I entered my new classroom at my new school on Thursday and was able to turn it around by Tuesday of the following week. Here is my before picture (I keep forgetting to take my after picture). I am hoping, that just once, one year, I won't have to change classrooms, year levels or schools and won't have all that pre cleaning and decluttering!
After to come soon!
4. My new kiddies are amazing! My new school is lovely, everyone is so friendly, yard duty was a breeze and I know I am going to have such a great year! I have 26 Grade 3/4 in an opened planned classroom so we will definitely be doing activities with the class at the other end of the room!

5. Leaving the first day of school to go and see a dentist is not my idea of fun (who said Netball was a non contact sport), and I get the joy of visiting another 4 times in the coming months!

6. I bought myself a laminator! Wooo Hooo! I have wanted one for a while to have at home. Last year, I had a laminator really close to my room, so couldn't really justify it - but this year I decided to make a plunge! I only bought a cheap one - which meant it has already been returned (crinkling the paper!) and replaced with a new one - but $20 well spent!

Here I am laminating my 2D shape mobile! (Yes, I might teach Grade 3/4 but they still really need it!)
Putting it together....
And hung in my room!
Click here if you want to download your own copy!

7. We have moved to a very different climate, hot, dry flat land with a river, verse beach, sea breeze, thunderstorms and rolling green hills - this is going to take me some time to get used to the heat! However, I did manage to capture this lovely snap last night - the joys of living in the country!

Now a quick dip in the pool, maybe a champa's and some lesson planning to finish off the day!

Lastly, GO NINERS! Giants winning the World Series and now Niners in the Super Bowl, it has definitely been our year!

Phew, made it!
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