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WOW, how time flies. I can't believe we are at the end of our school holidays already! It doesn't seem fair when we are just starting and there are Back to School sales happening everywhere, now I am shopping at them to get ready for school! Off to my new town tomorrow, 4 hours away, to head into my new school on Thursday to start setting up for the new year.... before our new house is ready, we do have to live in a shed at the vineyard where Ro works, but maybe living on a vineyard for a month won't be that much hard work! A busy busy week coming up!

A while ago, I was complaining to my brother that I just couldn't find any Australian map clipart, then he said "Umm, Al, I can make you map clipart" Duh! My brother draws maps for a living and I didn't even think of that! So I gave him a list and they came back to me so detailed and precision like, that I just had to make sets to upload and share with others.

How often are you making a pack, or making a worksheet for your classroom and it would be so handy to have a map - well here is your chance! I don't know about you, but I CANNOT draw free-hand maps, even of Australia! Queensland always ends up heaps bigger than Western Australia! I can see myself using the Australian set a lot in my Interactive Whiteboard Activities. So here they are! (Click on the pictures to download).

This is the North America Set. You can tell by just looking at them that Sam has the skills of an engineer! There is every possible combination available here, with and without state and province lines, with and without names, color and line-art! A total of 24 images.

This set is the only the USA maps from the pack above. A total of 11 images with lots of different choices and a little less expensive. Can you see how wonderful they are?

Being Australia, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Australian maps. I have used them so many times already and are going to be the key clipart of one of my new sets (and are featured lots in my Australia Day set). Sam gave me everything I asked for here! A total of 21 images!

These globes were an extra set I asked him to make. Sometimes I am happy with a cartoony globe, but other times I really want a realistic one. The best thing about these globe is that Sam has represented different parts of the world so not all pictures are the same. Line art and color as usual - LOVE!

This is a set he did just for fun! I love the game pieces and how the dice look like they are being tossed through the air! And best thing is, this set is FREE so click on the picture to head to my store and download them today!

I think you will agree, the detail on all of these clipart sets is AMAZING. When you enlarge any of the images, the quality stays perfect, meaning you could even blow up these maps for your classroom posters! (Love a poster maker machine!).

20%, 20%, 20% Who doesn't love a sale - this is one of those "it's time I had a sale" sale, nothing special, but if you head on over to my store before Wednesday you will get a great deal! 20% off everything, including all of these clipart sets!


P.S. Saturday is Australia Day so if you have a free few hours this week, why not squeeze in an Australian activity from this pack this week! It's on sale!


  1. Your brother's maps are amazing - I love the Aussie maps!

    I also love your Australia Day pack. It's always bothered me that we celebrate Australia Day in the holidays, because it would be SO perfect for our classrooms. May have to squeeze some activities into the first few weeks of school.

    And good luck at your new school, too! (I'm still trying to work out when to actually go into my classroom... kind of dreading it because I remember how I left it at the end of the year. Oops?)


  2. Wow! What a talented brother :) I'm with Stef, wouldn't it be great if Australia Day happened during our school year. I usually start my first week at school looking at Australia Day activities, it is a good settle in to school concept.

    Good luck with EVERYTHING you have going on!

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings


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