AMAZING MAPS & 20% off sale!

WOW, how time flies. I can't believe we are at the end of our school holidays already! It doesn't seem fair when we are just starting and there are Back to School sales happening everywhere, now I am shopping at them to get ready for school! Off to my new town tomorrow, 4 hours away, to head into my new school on Thursday to start setting up for the new year.... before our new house is ready, we do have to live in a shed at the vineyard where Ro works, but maybe living on a vineyard for a month won't be that much hard work! A busy busy week coming up!

A while ago, I was complaining to my brother that I just couldn't find any Australian map clipart, then he said "Umm, Al, I can make you map clipart" Duh! My brother draws maps for a living and I didn't even think of that! So I gave him a list and they came back to me so detailed and precision like, that I just had to make sets to upload and share with others.

How often are you making a pack, or making a worksheet for your classroom and it would be so handy to have a map - well here is your chance! I don't know about you, but I CANNOT draw free-hand maps, even of Australia! Queensland always ends up heaps bigger than Western Australia! I can see myself using the Australian set a lot in my Interactive Whiteboard Activities. So here they are! (Click on the pictures to download).

This is the North America Set. You can tell by just looking at them that Sam has the skills of an engineer! There is every possible combination available here, with and without state and province lines, with and without names, color and line-art! A total of 24 images.

This set is the only the USA maps from the pack above. A total of 11 images with lots of different choices and a little less expensive. Can you see how wonderful they are?

Being Australia, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Australian maps. I have used them so many times already and are going to be the key clipart of one of my new sets (and are featured lots in my Australia Day set). Sam gave me everything I asked for here! A total of 21 images!

These globes were an extra set I asked him to make. Sometimes I am happy with a cartoony globe, but other times I really want a realistic one. The best thing about these globe is that Sam has represented different parts of the world so not all pictures are the same. Line art and color as usual - LOVE!

This is a set he did just for fun! I love the game pieces and how the dice look like they are being tossed through the air! And best thing is, this set is FREE so click on the picture to head to my store and download them today!

I think you will agree, the detail on all of these clipart sets is AMAZING. When you enlarge any of the images, the quality stays perfect, meaning you could even blow up these maps for your classroom posters! (Love a poster maker machine!).

20%, 20%, 20% Who doesn't love a sale - this is one of those "it's time I had a sale" sale, nothing special, but if you head on over to my store before Wednesday you will get a great deal! 20% off everything, including all of these clipart sets!


P.S. Saturday is Australia Day so if you have a free few hours this week, why not squeeze in an Australian activity from this pack this week! It's on sale!


I Miss Teacher Stores!

I am sitting here, searching on the web, looking and looking at so many creative classrooms out there, then I had a realisation - I MISS TEACHER STORES!

I can't believe we are already 3 weeks into our Summer Holidays, which means a little less than 3 weeks to go until school starts again. This past week I have had a real family week, this coming week I am packing and moving house so there is lots going on! What I really need right now is a quiet hour or two in a teacher store - looking, getting inspired and planning what my new classroom at my new school is going to look like! I have finally decided on a theme (shhh it's a secret so I won't reveal yet) but I just need a teacher store!!!!!

I lived in Chico, California for a little while, a store there, called the Wise Owl, was one of my favourites! I could spend hours in there - in fact when I went to visit some relatives up there I made them take me back so I could stock up! So sad, buying things online, having them sent to Australia is just not the same thing...... I need to find a teacher store that sells more than just books!!!


A HUGE Thankyou!

A HUGE thankyou to everyone who entered my giveaway for my birthday. And a special welcome to all new followers of Teaching Maths with Meaning. I hope you enjoy my activities and little antidotes!

Thankyou for all the lovely birthday wishes, I was so spoilt and lucky on the day. Because it was over 110 degrees F, I just had to have a few swims in the ocean and freshly caught fish (by the men of the family) for dinner.

The most exciting news of all, is I got an engagement ring hidden in one of my presents! So lots of excitement now, new house, new school, new town and new bling!!!!

I am still on my holiday at the beach so must get back to my relaxing now!

Lots of sunshine,

Happy 30th Birthday to Me! GREAT GIVEAWAY & 20% off!

Join me in celebrating my 30th Birthday on Friday! To celebrate, I am giving away 3 x $10 (base ten system, I really do love Maths!) gift certificates to Teachers Pay Teachers!

Here is how you can enter! If you already follow my blog, then fantastic, there are some entries for you.   If you follow my Teachers Pay Teachers store, there are 2 more entries for you. You can earn more entries by following my collaborative Pinterest board, Downloads from Downunder, leaving a comment or blogging about this giveaway.

I am also having a 20% off Sale from the 3rd of January to the 6th of January at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Make sure you pop on by and stock up on some resources!

Good Luck!
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New Freebies!

I've finally had a few quiet days where I can catch up on some blogging, some units and some freebies while the tennis is on! Here are a few new things I have uploaded recently...

FREEBIE 2013 and Me - Goal Setting for the New Year

FREEBIE Developing Number Sense - Daily Math Practice Freebie

 Australia Day Resources - A full 51 pages of resources to use to teach your children about Australia or Australia Day

I've also got a fabulous giveaway coming up so don't forget to call back for details tomorrow!


Have you seen Teacher's Marketplace?

Have you ever visited Teacher's Marketplace?

Previously Teacher's Marketplace has only been open to Australian sellers and buyers, with many Aussie's using Teachers Marketplace as their first port of call before visiting Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers. Teacher's Marketplace started in 2009 and has thousands of free and items for sale all made by Australian teachers. However, some changes have been occuring....

GREAT NEWS Teacher's Marketplace is now open worldwide, to buyers and sellers in any country! If you can't find something you are looking elsewhere, why not pop over and check it out, there are a lot of products that can be used by teachers worldwide!

If you are already a seller on the internet, or new to the avenue of selling your teacher resources, why not head on over and join up - it is quick, easy and basic membership is free!

I joined Teacher's Marketplace over 6 months ago, and the little spending money is lovely! As well as finding some great resources and linking up with some lovely teachers!

While you are there, why not download my new freebie "Developing Number Sense".


16 Ways to be a Smarter Teacher

Happy New Year everyone! May 2013 bring you all happiness, good health and lots of fun!

I was cleaning up my computer and my emails recently and came across this article my cousin (who works in the business world) had emailed me and enjoyed taking the opportunity to read through it again! It is related to the business world, but shows the teaching implication in any area! (I also think great teachers could be anything they wanted in any occupation).

16 Way to be a Smarter Teacher
If you have the time to read it, I suggest you give yourself some time to read, reflect and make a few notes, otherwise, here is a sneak preview.

1. It's not about you: it's about them
2. Study your students
3. Student's take risks when teachers create safe environments
4. Great teachers exude passion as well as purpose
5. Students learn when teachers show them how much they need to learn
6. Keep it clear, even when you can't keep it simple

And it continues for another 10 statements......

For some of us, this makes perfect sense; for some of us, starting in teaching, we may not have learnt it yet, and others may just need a reminder....

Happy reading everyone!
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