12 Things I Loved About Christmas Linky!

I’m linking up with Mel at Frogspot (From the Pond) and joining in with her...

I have done 12 Things I Love About Christmas FULL STOP!

1. Family
Christmas is the time where we all get together. Christmas Day is everyone together at Grandma’s, including cousins and Aunties and Uncles! Doesn't my Grandma look great for 89!

2. Decorations
Don’t you just love Christmas decorations – I do! My boyfriend and I bought a little Christmas Tree and we letting it grow in the pot. Last year we picked a Christmas decoration together, this year we did the same thing (only we bought this year’s in September when we visited New Zealand!). We are making it a yearly tradition!

3. Shops
I love going shopping for Christmas, the atmosphere at the shops (as long as I get there early), the music, the excitement and the decorations (just as long as I didn’t leave it all until the last minute!)

4. End of the School Year
As much as I don’t like saying good-bye to my group of kiddoes, the end of the school year is a relief in lots of ways. After Christmas I get to wind down completely, knowing that there is very little I can do!

5. Winter
I know this sounds crazy since it is Summer in Australia, but I love visiting the US at Christmas and having a white-ish Christmas!

6. Nativity Scenes
I love seeing Nativity scenes around the town and in Churches. The story is so magical!

7. Presents
I LOVE giving presents. I love organising, wrapping, decorating and then making the cards. What colour scheme will I go for next year I wonder……?

8. Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve was always the time when Grandma, Grandpa and my family would have pizza night, so Mum and Grandma didn’t have to cook. Now it has turned into Spaghetti Bolognaise night and the kids cook! My brother and sister finish work and come and stay and it is the whole family staying overnight at Grandma’s. Just like the old days! Then we sit down and watch the Carols altogether...

9. Pie
I LOVE pie! Every Christmas my Mum makes Pecan Pie and my brother makes Lemon Meringue Pie – add Grandma’s pudding to that and I think it is safe to say I would rather eat dessert than Christmas dinner! This pie, unfortunately, ended up on the floor this year.... but it looked great beforehand, and the lemon tasted great, Grandma now has meringue scented carpet!

10. Turkey
I used to love when we cooked up a turkey for Thanksgiving (life is too busy for another get together at that time of the year) and we would get to have Turkey twice in one year. Leftover Turkey sandwiches at school for the next week were our favourites!

11. Lights
Christmas lights can brighten anyone’s mood. They have just so bright, colourful and inviting.

12. Playing
After Christmas Day I get to play with all my new presents – I love new things, even if I don’t need them! Following Christmas I then have the anticipation of my birthday (less than a week away now!) and more presents!

Don't forget to keep checking back in the next few days to find out about my 30th Birthday Celebration on my blog!

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