Giddy Up!

Today is Melbourne Cup Day in Australia (the race that stops the nation) and because I teach in a school that recognises Melbourne Cup as a public holiday, I get a day off! A day off for a horse race, I love the Australian sense of humour! (No really it is a big deal, even Prince Charles has come out this year). Like so many other teachers though, I am sitting here doing schoolwork (catching up on some blog reading is schoolwork right?!?!?) - its a really busy time of the year at the moment, with the year wrapping up - reports, assessments, planning for next year and then comes Christmas (finishing 3 days before Christmas probably isn't going to allow for my usual last minute Chrissy shopping dash)......... Let's all admit it, at the end of the school year we are just trying to keep our heads above water! So a day off is very welcomed!

So it got me thinking, how great would an administration day once a month be - there is so much work we could get done if we could just be in our classroom, uninterrupted, no meetings, for a whole day - LOVE the thought, but doubt it will ever happen!

To other news, my new blog design is taking shape, I am sooooo excited. I had a sneak peak at a couple of images today and I LOVE them! It will be like Christmas has come when it gets uploaded. Honey Bunch Blog Designs has been soooo great!

Happy Tuesday everyone (Monday for some readers!)

P.S. For anyone looking for some horse racing resources, head on over to Mel's at From the Pond!


  1. Hope you had a good day Alison, I think the cup is the only thing I miss about Melbourne :) Wouldn't an admin day be fab!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. Thanks Tania, I did! It feels like the week is almost over! An administration day would be great!

  2. I can't wait to see your new design Alison!


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