Fun Friday - We LOVED Maths today!

We has such a wonderful time in Maths today and I wanted to share! We did our Mental Maths test as usual, it was easy today so the kiddoes completed it quickly and did a great job!


Earlier in the year, I introduced my class to KUSAC to help them with problem solving.
Then we come back to it whenever we do some problem solving. Today, I cut up some of the cards I had included in this kit and had them sitting on the floor, in "difficulty" groups. Here is how they recorded their problem solving in their book (we only spent about 10 minutes problem solving today).

Loved the strategy on this one.

This boy was so proud of himself for writing down how you could check you answer. Spelling not great, but it was maths!

I LOVED the tree diagram this child did!

You can download this poster and my Problem Solving Made Easy at my TpT Store.

After that, we got started on one of the lovely Brooke from Teachable Moments' games from her booklet...

Every activity I do I have to differentiate, I have a huge range in my classroom, so that is where my dice boxes came in handy! I LOVE my dice box! I was so sad when I went to teach in the USA I had to leave it behind! 
You don't have to have such a big dice box to use this booklet, but it definitely helped for me today!

We played "Roll and Subtract" and "Roll Three and Add" although we changed it. I printed out a few copies and then laminated them so we could use erasable markers.
These children used a 10 sided, counting by 10 dice and a 10 sided dice.

These children used it to help with understanding expanded form. They had a hundreds and thousands dice (they alternated), a 10 sided counting by 10 dice, and a 10 sided dice. This was great practice for these two boys, they needed some consolidation here.

This girl used 4 different dice and practiced expanded form in the 1000's. She wrote straight into her book since here's were a bit more challenging.

This was roll 3 and then she rolled the operations dice to see whether she was adding or subtracting. 

This was a 3 dice, 2 twenty sided dice and a 10 sided counting by 10 dice. 

See what I did with such a great idea. Easily changed it for each child, but simply giving each child the dice and activity they needed! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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