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Nikki at Teaching In Progress recently made a post about the negative impact of a whole class (one size fits all) behaviour chart. It was a very interesting read... If you haven't read it, check it out here.
I related so much to what Nikki was saying so I decided to join her linky:

When I taught in the US I was introduced to a coloured card system. I had already been teaching for 3 years without a system and didn't really understand the need, but I went along with it. Everyday the children coloured in their square at the end of the day and had to show their parents, who then had to sign and bring back to school - a bit hassle! This was a one size fits all model for children - I had children who never moved from green, when then did, they would cry, others who threw tantrums when they got to red - surely this isn't the way it should be...... 

I will admit, I did have great success with it as a substitute teacher, it was consistent and a way we could easily implement the teachers behaviour management system.

So what do I do instead of a clip or card system? 
- We have a class essential agreement - we came up with together what we want our classroom to look like. Everything is listed in a positive way. We refer back to it when we need to.
- We reward positive behaviour constantly instead of negative behaviour.
- We talk a lot about how we feel when we do something great vs bad - it is the intrinsic reward!
- I use table points to motivate children - it is amazing!
- I constantly make reference to appropriate behaviour and congratulate those who do a great job!

That's not to say that all of the above works for every child. I may also need to bring in a behaviour chart for individuals, but I make it specific to them and where they are at making sure not to set the expectations too high for them. Some children have issues and don't fit the "box" that behaviour charts put them in. 

Join in the linky and read on with lots of other great ideas!


  1. I love the idea of an agreement as opposed to rules. Everyone owns it because they all agreed to it. I bet kids (especially older ones) would feel empowered by that.

    Thanks for linking up!
    Teaching in Progress

  2. Thanks for coming to my blog! I just started following you! I love the post about the behavior charts! I went to Nikki's post and she really gave me some food for thought. I do have a clip chart now but I rarely use it. I'm so bad with stuff like that. I don't have any "set" consequences. I feel that some issues have to be dealt with on an as needed basis. Thankfully this year I have an awesome group of 3rd graders (keeping my fingers crossed that is how it stays!). I basically do what you do and reward positive behavior all the time. I used to give the kids tickets and hold a weekly raffle and they LOVED that. Maybe I'll go back to that! Thanks for making me think today!
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