Understanding Place Value

Number and Place Value are two Maths topics that I am constantly revising throughout the year - it may be a quick 5 minute game, or a whole lesson, but the importance of understanding place value can never be understated.

A month or so ago I had an inspiring weekend - one idea lead to another idea which lead to more, and more and dah dah, My Understanding Place Value booklet evolved.

Since then, I have been overwhelmed by the downloads I have received on this product, so I decided to "Make it Bigger, Make it Badder, Make it Awesome" to quote Duff Goldman. Here are some of my favourite activities.
Simple expanded form worksheet. This concept is important because it ensures student understand the place value of numbers as well as how to correctly read it. This understanding assists with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. 

Add on numbers to a certain place value. This activity checks to ensure students know which number is in which place value. 

This is a worksheet can be used as a game. Children roll 3 ten sided dice, make a 3 digit number then write the number in the correct location and then roll again. The goal is to fill the whole sheet in correct order.  

These cards can be used for ordering activities. There are enough to do whole class activities. 

Number expanders. Using the template, children create number expanders to understand the concept of expanded form. This is definitely one of my favourites from the pack. 

Everyone loves bingo! This one is bingo with a twist! 

Using license plates in the staff car park for maths. Students practice reading and writing numbers and then put them in order from smallest to largest.  I have also made a "Number Plate Maths" for Australian's!

Expanded form game. This is great clipart from Mel at From the Pond. Simply cut between each number set (the zigzag is so much funkier than just straight lines) and children can have fun matching the number with the expanded  worded form. Thirty 2-digit cards and thirty 3-digit cards are included.

The makings of a flip book is also included. This is what each child will need. Then put the numbers in order from 0 to 9 and staple to make a book. Everything is included in the pack!

Children cut along the dotted lines (and a little above) and fold numbers up and down to create different numbers.

You can download the pack here.
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  1. This is great Alison, I love the little matching page, perfect for my kids. Thank you so much for sharing:)

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Of course! Thanks for visiting from Hawaii!

  2. I can not be a Giants fan, but I have a student who writes me a persuasive letter everyday, trying to convince me to root for them. Yesterday's ended with, "Fear the Beard". :-)

    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. Oh, that is fabulous! I like that student already, he has spunk! Thanks for sharing!


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