How Great Do These Look!?!

Don't you just love Pinterest? As a teacher, Pinterest has been close to my best friend for the last year! This is a Pinterest inspired project that some children have finished and I was so excited I just had to share!
You might have seen the "My Place in the World" project by KidWorldCitizen - it is a great little activity for young children. Well I loved it, wanted to use it, but had to make it fit into our current unit of inquiry and make it appropriate for Grade 3 children.
Our current unit is "Events in our past have shaped our future" so we started with the smallest circle. We drew a picture of ourselves doing our most favourite thing ever!
Then the next circle was about our family doing our favourite thing or an event that changed our family.
The 3rd circle was looking at our town and important events in our town.
The 4th circle was important events in our state (Victoria) and things that have made our state what it is today.
The 5th circle was important events in our country (Australia) and things that have happened in Australia's history to make it the way it is.
The last circle was important events in the world.
Here is the result:
 They look so great on the wall - we have been gradually doing another circle as we have completed research.
This is what it looks like close up.
This is important events for Australia.
Suane comes from South Africa, so she did her best to draw Australia but got a little confused with South Africa - it looks great anyway! I loved her technology portion!

I was so proud of the kiddoes. I am so glad I laminated each circle - I hope they are a definitely a keeper!


  1. They look fantastic Alison, it is great that the kiddos could see beyond the little circle that is them and their family. My littles have trouble with that- maybe because they are from a small town and don't really get too much further than the next small town.
    Great job!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. Thanks Tania - It is hard teaching some concepts in a small town - I remember taking kids to Melbourne once and it was first time some of them had seen traffic lights and escalators!

  2. I love those! And they could be modified so many different ways! I love finding inspiration from Pinterest! Thank you for visiting my blog!


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