Fun Writing Freebie

This is a fun writing certificate I made up to use in the final term of school here in Australia and am offering it as a freebie to you all!
I have been trying to emphasise the importance of keeping our writing books neat, without going over the top and spending too much time on the presentation of our work, rather than the content. It is a hard thing to juggle!
So I came up with this idea. When I spot someone with neat writing, organised workbook, good content and working towards their writing goals, I am going to give them one of these certificates!
Then they are able to redeem the certificate to use my special pencil case (insert ooohh and aaahhs in here). I have put together a pencil case with coloured pencils, pens and textas for the child to use for the day. I don't plan on having a schedule for giving these out, and I could give more than one out at a time - just whenever we are doing a tasks and I "spot" someone doing great! If you like the idea head to my TpT to download your freebie.
Page 3 contains the words "colorful" and "organized"
Page 4 contains the words "colourful" and "organised"
So make sure you print out the correct one!


Freebie offered under Scrappin Doodle license #TPT77711

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