WOW! A Pinterest Craze!

Congratulations to Lori for winning my first giveaway! I hope you enjoy your packs, you will find them on your email! I have now learnt that if I want to have 2 prizes, I have to have 2 rafflecopters! Ooops! Sorry about that! Lucky it was a practice!

Has anyone else noticed the craze with pinterest lately? It is unbelievable how many items are being pinned to pinterest on a daily basis! I am LOVIN' it! I first got hooked on pinterest last September when I was visiting family in California, my cousin showed me and I was instantly hooked! The craze hadn't made it to Australia quite yet - so "it was new, something different, something wonderful" (picture a happy dance in here!) - I was obsessed, or I should say still are! My classroom is full of pinterest ideas!

Here are some groups I have recently started following (and contributing to) - check them out!

Third Grade Troop
Second Grade Squad
Classroom Management and Organization
TPT Product Highlights
Math for Third Grade
Math for Second Grade 

Get repinning today!

Here is a product I recently pinned, but never blogged about! Number Puzzles to build understanding of the 100's chart, bridging between decades and counting. It contains many different number charts (0-20, 0-100, 0-120, 100-200, 100-220, 200-300, 1200-1300) for you to print out laminate, then cut between to make puzzle pieces. There are also blank puzzle pieces to be laminated and then children can write their own numbers on them using erasable markers - perfect for differentiation!

I use these puzzles all the time. They are a lot of work to start with, printing, laminating, cutting, but keep them safe in a zip lock bag and you will have them for a few years! Pull them out for a quick 10 minutes settle down activity whenever the kiddos need to be reminded!
You can download it here. Only $1.50

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