An Educators Life & Fabulous Recommendation!

I am so excited to announce that I am featured on Mr Hughes' An Educator's Life: Share the Wealth this weekend! If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you must. He has so many great freebies himself, and he also gives teachers the opportunity to contribute free items and teachers-features to promote themselves! He gets heaps of exposure! Here is his review of one of my freebies!

A little while ago, one of friends, Mrs O, started a blog Mrs O Knows. She has just uploaded a fabulous booklet that makes me wish I was teaching older children. She really knows her stuff, especially in engaging children in Reading and Writing. Check out this booklet:
Included is 4 pages of sentence starters for 5th Grade reading skills and strategies, but they are also applicable for 4th and 6th, and 3rd when heavily guided, perhaps as a shared practice. If you are a teacher of 4th Grade upwards, you should definitely check out her stuff! 

Anyway, I am off to New Zealand tomorrow for a week of R&R (anyone jealous?) so I'll be back to the blogging world soon!

P.S Don't forget to check out my previous post about "No Cost Prize Box" - I'm offering it as a blog freebie! Just contact me if you want it!

School is out! Flash Sale and Newbies

School is out! Woo Hoo! This time last week I was thinking, I'm ok, I don't need school holidays, well, oh yes I do! I've just woken up after having a fabulous night sleep and am ready to start on the ever growing list of fun things I've put off until the holidays - including searching through all your fabulous blogs! I love that the first thing I have done is made myself a cup of tea and sat down and updated my blog! 2 weeks off, then back to it for another 11 weeks, then Summer holidays - it's a downhill slide now!

In celebration, I am having a flash sale 15% off most things in my store! So head on over and check out some of my new products. Here is a quick look....

This is a 51 page document based on the idea of KUSAC to help children to use a strategy when solving problem solving questions. Included is this poster:
and also great worksheets that you can simply photocopy and use straight away. Also included are full pages of questions, with answer sheets for children and teachers, so you can have a problem solving scavenger hunt around your classroom. Sound like fun? Head on over and download a free sample of the pack here. Then if you love it, download the full version here!
TPT and TM
This is a 20 page document including two worksheets and 7 pages of addition and subtraction fact family triangles and 9 pages of multiplication and division fact family triangles. Again, perfect for printing out, photocopying worksheets and you can use immediately in your classroom - I am afterall, just trying to make life easier for teachers!

You can download it on TPT here and TM here.
I am so excited about this pack. I sat down last weekend and was going to update one of my freebies and instead created a whole new booklet! 39 pages of place value fun!
Included is lots of worksheets to use as well as game suggestions and teaching tools. There are 2 pages of instructions so great for newbie teachers!
This is one of my favourite place value teaching tools - number expanders. There is a hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands number expander included in this pack.
All of the worksheets and teaching tools have been duplicated in this pack to include the terminology "ones" and "units".
You can download it on TPT here and TM here.

The first 3 couple to check this out and comment, can have their choice of activity emailed directly to them for free! So if you are interested, leave a comment with the booklet you love the sound of, why and your email address and it is yours! But be quick!


No Cost Prize Box!

Earlier in the year, these little positive incentives were going around Pinterest. I downloaded it, printed, laminated and added it to the prize box in my classroom. (From FlapJack Educational Resources)
Aren't they adorable! Click on the picture to download and see the pack Tabitha has made! It looks huge, 160 pages I think!! 
Each time I refilled my prize box, I was probably spending $20, so at least $100 across the year. I added these into the prize box and the children LOVE them! They scheme to get different cards, they trade them, keep them until they really need them and often pick them instead of the little toys, pencils and pens. What great incentives! So they asked if I could make up some more. Mine aren't as cute as the ones I downloaded - but all the ideas are the children's!

I wasn't going to upload these to my TpT or TM, rather keep them just for lovely teachers who read my blog. I know they are not nearly as cute as the ones I downloaded, but if you would like a copy - please leave a comment with your email address below and I will email the pdf to you. 

And while I am here, I might as well have a little happy dance! Tomorrow is the last day of Term 3 - can you see me doing my happy dance? 2 weeks of sleep ins! It is going to be fabulous! I LOVE the Australian system of teaching 10 weeks and then having 2 weeks holidays - then 10 more weeks etc. It's great!


And Another Week Down! 1 Week to Go!

I can't believe that it is only 1 more week until it is holidays in Victoria - crazy! Two weeks off - then only 11 more weeks of my fabulous kiddos! I don't want the year to end yet! Here are some great things to share about last week - including a couple of great finds!
I picked up this book to demonstrate the CAFE trait "Use of Punctuation" - forgetting just how good this story is! Have you read it? If not, you must! It is a great introduction into learning about water displacement - with some illustrations that every child will love!
Do you know how to make your own spinner? Use a paperclip, stick a pencil through it and place it in the center. Then flick the paperclip - yes it requires one child to hold and the other to spin, but it saves us adding split pins to all our spinners and saves on storage too! You can download this spinner here. We LOVE it!
I was cleaning up and found this icypole sticks I had written numbers on and said "Eureka" (that is what Mr Archimedes says in that great story) we will use them today!
So I put them in a container...
Then we used them to help us understand vertical addition with trading. First we pulled two numbers out of the container and made them on our place value board using place value blocks (MAB). Then we wrote the sum on our mini whiteboards as well.
Then using trading of the place value blocks, we found out the answer, then worked it out using vertical addition! The children had said the day before how confused they were with this concept so I took it back a few steps - now they all say they are experts! Yay!
If you want to download my place value board, there are 9 different boards to choose from in this updated FREEBIE!

I made it to 100 followers! I can't believe it! I am definitely going to have a giveaway - please let me know if you are interested in being involved! Should happen in the next few weeks! Thanks all for your support in advance!
Happy Weekend!

Why Didn't I Think Of That?

I am sure we all have those moments when we say "Why didn't I think of that?", well I had that moment last week! (I would love to hear some btw, if you feel like sharing!) Another teacher walked into my room, saw my love of Scrabble Letters and then my boggle game and said she would love to create a boggle, but with Scrabble Letters - Word Finding and Maths, why didn't I think of that?!?! Sometimes it is just so obvious isn't it! So now my boggle looks like this....
The children didn't even notice to begin with, they were so excited when a girl noticed! Needless to say, boggle has been full for Word Work the last few days - now not only is there a challenge to find the most words, but to find the largest value word! Phew, so glad that teacher came to visit!

If you too would like to change your boggle letters to Scrabble, you can download the letters from my TpT store or TM store (only $1). I have also uploaded them to be part of my Scrabble Classroom Pack. Letters are all in capitals and are 6 to a page!

I commented on a blog recently how all the money I have been earning on TpT I have been putting straight back into my classroom! It feels so good to be able to fund my obsession with teaching and learning materials! Hahaha! Here is my newest purchase from book club.
They are little plastic domes with two number dice and one operation (just addition and subtraction) inside. The dice are foam (great for open planned classrooms like mine, I don't like disturbing the teacher next door!) and the back is removable (see the hole? you can put your finger in there!) so you can put more dice in and change up the operations. Fabulous right!?! I found them online here!

Heather at Peacocks and Penguins is having a 3 massive giveaways to celebrate 200 followers! Head over and check it out!
I am also hoping to have a giveaway soon to celebrate 100 followers - if you would like to celebrate with me and donate an item, I would definitely repay the favour for your giveaways. Please leave a message if you are interested! Thanks so much!


Time to Show Off!

As many of you are starting a new school year, here in Australia we work calendar years so are well into the swing of things - heading towards the end of Term 3 with only 13 more weeks of school to go for the year. I teach in an International Baccalaureate school, (have I ever mentioned that?), and my class loved one of our recent units of inquiry (theme or topic). Our central idea was "Species around the world are threatened with extinction" and the children got so into it, they groaned when it was time to introduce our new unit!
I just had to show off some of the fabulous work the children did! I can't believe Grade 3 children can produce such wonderful work! Here are their Endangered Animals models they made at home.
Orangutan, Giant Panda and Pygmy Rabbit - so cute!
Penguin, Kiwi and New Zealand Gecko (just beautiful, the boy used balsa wood and a knife to carve it out!)
Crocodile and Dingo (the kiddos in my class are crazy about Lego!)
Bilby and South African Wild Dog (this was made from old teddies they got at the tip shop! The body was made from an egg carton!)
Didn't they do a fabulous job!
At school they completed a report about their endangered animal. This one was amazing! I taught this girl in Grade 1 too, she is such a delight!

If you have a minute, check out this post on Mrs Poultney's Ponderings - she has made a great find!


So Excited, I Had to Share!!!!

I hope you've all been having a great week at school! What was the best activity you did this week? Mine was most definitely a Unit of Inquiry discussion about what Australia used to look like - we looked at lost of great old photos, including ones of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the children did a Y-Chart - the discussion was soooooo insightful!

School was crazy busy this week as usual, yesterday especially so - I checked my email after school and found the most amazing email! I received a TpT comment on my Number Puzzles booklet:

I was so excited, I just had to share!!! (I mean I get excited whenever I get an email from TpT because it usually means I have gotten feedback or sold something!) Share in my excitement! I will email the first 5 people to comment on this post this booklet for FREE! Don't forget to include your email address so I know where I am sending it to! 

By the way, did you know that you get TpT credits for the feedback you provide on purchased items? I have earned over $4 worth of credits so far - that's freebies as far as I am concerned!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Another Big Giveaway!

I am always more than happy to promote a fellow Australian Teacher!!!

Shanyn at Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists (I know could be perfect for most teachers!) is having a giveaway in celebration of reaching 350 followers. Check it out and enter today!

Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists

400 Follower Fabulous Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday all!
Head over to Tori's Teacher Tips - she is having a massive 400 Follower Giveaway. All you have to do is follow a TpT store or two, follow a blog or two and you can enter the giveaway a number of times! If you already follow me, head on over and record your vote on the rafflecopter! Hurry, it ends in 5 days!


WOW! A Pinterest Craze!

Congratulations to Lori for winning my first giveaway! I hope you enjoy your packs, you will find them on your email! I have now learnt that if I want to have 2 prizes, I have to have 2 rafflecopters! Ooops! Sorry about that! Lucky it was a practice!

Has anyone else noticed the craze with pinterest lately? It is unbelievable how many items are being pinned to pinterest on a daily basis! I am LOVIN' it! I first got hooked on pinterest last September when I was visiting family in California, my cousin showed me and I was instantly hooked! The craze hadn't made it to Australia quite yet - so "it was new, something different, something wonderful" (picture a happy dance in here!) - I was obsessed, or I should say still are! My classroom is full of pinterest ideas!

Here are some groups I have recently started following (and contributing to) - check them out!

Third Grade Troop
Second Grade Squad
Classroom Management and Organization
TPT Product Highlights
Math for Third Grade
Math for Second Grade 

Get repinning today!

Here is a product I recently pinned, but never blogged about! Number Puzzles to build understanding of the 100's chart, bridging between decades and counting. It contains many different number charts (0-20, 0-100, 0-120, 100-200, 100-220, 200-300, 1200-1300) for you to print out laminate, then cut between to make puzzle pieces. There are also blank puzzle pieces to be laminated and then children can write their own numbers on them using erasable markers - perfect for differentiation!

I use these puzzles all the time. They are a lot of work to start with, printing, laminating, cutting, but keep them safe in a zip lock bag and you will have them for a few years! Pull them out for a quick 10 minutes settle down activity whenever the kiddos need to be reminded!
You can download it here. Only $1.50

My first giveaway!

Happy Sunday everyone!

In celebration of reaching 100 followers on TpT and a fabulous fortnight of sales, I am having my first official giveaway! There are two packs of the following products to be won!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is my first practice at a giveaway! Hang out for my 100 followers giveaway - if you would like to donate a product for that giveaway, please email me at

Thank you sooo much for your bloggy love!
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