What is Multiplication? Free Booklet!

We were starting to talk about timestables recently. I asked the children in my class to find something/s in the room that explained what multiplication is. They were so creative, here are some of their responses:
 A timestable chart               Groups of with pencils
 I loved how this child explained how it linked to counting by
 This was fabulous! We went around the circle so each child could explain the link, we had no idea what this one meant until we reached her. Can you figure it out?
Another fabulous one.
I was soooo happy with where the discussion lead. When teaching timestables, I am really trying to concentrate on making sure children have the understanding of what multiplication means rather than just memorising all the answers. 
 We put multiplication flash cards into a container. Children drew out a card.
Then took them back to their table to draw the array. We did this activity for about 10 minutes, then we compared our favourites!
The multiplication/timestable flash cards are for sale on my TpT and TeachersMarketplace site (see below post). As a thanks for following my posts, I will email the 19 page document to the first five people who comment on this post! Don't forget to include your email address!


  1. Okay, I feel like I am hogging everything, but I want one! Your stuff is great!



    1. You are definitely not hogging everything! Thanks for the comment! I asked for posts and that is what you have given me! I will email through this booklet to you now....

      Feel free to tell your friends - 4 more people can comment!

      Thanks so much!


  2. What a great activity to help the students learn arrays with multiplication, I would love a copy! hminckler@hotmail.com
    I just happened across your blog and it's great! I look forward to more of your great math ideas! Stop by sometime:

  3. I love these ideas!! If you haven't sent out your 5 already, I'd love a copy! acullin@stmalachy.org

    I'll be following your blog from now on!!

  4. Wow! So creative. I like a copy too. Thank you. thilina7@yahoo.com


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