Help Please!!!

Hello all,

As you can see I am experiencing some problems with the design template of my blog..... I had a basic blogger template to begin with, then saw so many great blogs and wanted to import a cutest blog on the block template and ever since that time I have been having troubles. I followed all the instructions, and have tried to go back to the custom template, but each time, it just seems to layer on top of each other! I admit, I should have played around with the blogger template to start with and changed fonts, colours etc. but it's too late now!
Can you please tell me what the background looks like when you look at my blog?
How can I remove the cutest blog on the block template - it doesn't seem to work? And how do I remove the little pictures at the top of my blog?

Thanks so much in advance for your help - many of you are much better bloggers than me!!!!



  1. Don't you just hate it when something goes haywire!!! Your background is a dark greeny colour, and the writing is a royal blue colour - which makes it slightly hard to read. The actual blog posts are a white background with black writing - easy as to read...
    No little pictures at the top of your blog, but there is a paler green butterfly to the left in the margin area.
    As for solving your other questions - sorry - out of my league, but someone is sure to be able to help you.
    Other than that, I am your newest follower, so off now to have a peek around your blog...

    1. Thanks! That is how it comes up on mine also.... the butterfly is a result of the cutest little blog thing I am trying to remove.... I was hoping it was just my computer!
      Thanks for becoming my newest follower although, it is really not visually appealing! There must be someone out there who can help!

  2. I fixed it! For anyone in the same situation as me, I had a gadget on my sidebar that said "Friends". I wasn't sure where it appeared from, so deleted it and it fixed all my problems! Yay!


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