Back to School...

School starts again in Victoria on Monday after our 2 week winter break. As always, I didn't get all the things done over the holidays as I wanted to get done, but I was just sooooo tired after last term! Does anyone else feel the same way? As teachers we are constantly pushing ourselves to become better teachers, learn more and create more activities - hopefully I will be fine after only a little homework being done over the holidays. To make me jealous, how are all of you spending your summer holidays?
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  1. Ohhh!!! I feel your pain...we went back last week. Actually, the first week back wasn't so bad. How did I spend my 2 weeks holidays???? Reading up on the next units of the Australian Curriculum, and coming up with resources to go along with it. Is Victoria working on the C2C curriculum this year???

    1. I love that a few more Australian's are getting blogs! It is so nice to have friends here! I should have spent my two weeks reading up on the Australian Curriculum for next year, but I didn't..... ah well! Yes we are starting next year.

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