Geometric Multiplication Circles - GREAT Activity!!!!

This was part of my maths lesson today - we had so much fun and it was so successful!
We started off with some skip counting.
 Then we sat in a circle with the numbers 0 to 9 in front of 10 children.
 Then using wool, we started at 0 and decided we were going to count by 4's. We started at 0 then went to 4.
 Then we went to 8 then 2 (12), then 6 (16), then 0 (20). We stopped when we got back to 0 and looked at the shape we created. Then we tried again with 3, 6 and 7. We made some great shapes!
 Then we tried to draw our own using the number circles and a ruler.
 This the the shape counting by 3 makes!
 Counting by 3 and counting by 7 have the same pattern! Wow! (7 has the same numbers just counts backwards!)

You can purchase this booklet on TPT or Teachers Marketplace for only $1. It will be as easy as printing out the circles and following my lesson plan! An easy and creative way to each skip counting and timestables patterns! I will email the booklet for FREE to the first 8 people who comment below - so get commenting! (And don't forget to include your email address!). No additional FREE copies of this pack are available. Thanks!



Scrabble Pack is Finished!

After working on it for 3 weeks, my Scrabble classroom pack is finished! I'm so proud of what I have created - 75 pages of displays and tools for setting up a Scrabble classroom. Purchase it here at my Teacher Pay Teacher Site. Coordinate it with my free Scrabble Daily 5 and CAFE posters and your classroom will be Scrabble happy!
Here are some of my favourite pictures:
 A few pages altogether....
Slice between then laminate to use as classroom labels
I have one of these for each year level. I am also able to personalize any to make them specific to your needs. Please leave a comment below or email me!
Behaviour Sticker Chart
 Labels for book boxes

And so much more!!! Enjoy, only $5!


Dice too noisy? Try this!

A few years ago, we had a Maths Guru come into our school - he had a simply way to play maths games without making lots of noise! Buy grip mats and cut them to size. I use one between two and whenever we need them, I just draw a bird-eye view of what the children's tables should look like on the board, they collect them and use them! Try it yourself - they reduce so much noise!!!

Here are my new CAFE posters - I don't have a lot of room in my classroom other than windows so they are here for now - I think I am ready to rearrange all my classroom displays. I LOVE the blue with the scrabble letters!

And while I was taking photos, I thought I would share my wonder wall, again on a window. We use it throughout our units of inquiry (themes) using post-it notes on the brick wall. The pictures of the children are their "thinking pictures".


Daily 5 and CAFE Scrabble Letter posters FREEBIE!

A sidetrack from Maths - afterall we all are Generalist Teachers!
I absolutely LOVE the Daily 5 and CAFE routines as described by the 2 Sisters. I first learnt about it when I was teaching in Washington (their home state) and now I am back in Australia, I still love using it! Every year it just keeps getting better and better! I have also fallen in love with SCRABBLE letters! So I have created some posters for teachers to use in their classrooms. I use mine as a reference point as well as where children peg or place their name each day. Included in this pack are all 10 Daily 5 and CAFE posters with three different backgrounds so you can choose which one you like best! I am printing this one off for my classroom - I love the blue!

You can download my free booklet here on Teachers Pay Teachers or here on Teachers Marketplace (a more condensed version because of file size restraints.) I am in the process of creating a big classroom pack using the scrabble letters - if you love this one, keep a look out for the pack!


P.S. Don't forget I will email you my Times Tables cards for free if you leave a comment and your email address on my previous post! I have also updated all my free resources on my "free resources" page!

Maths Lesson of the Week!!!! Compass Points

As teachers, do we stop and think about just how wonderful some of our lessons are? Even the ones that require very little preparation? In the past, some of my best lessons have been the ones where I have just run with what the children needed at that instant - rather than what I had meticulously planned. Does anyone else think the same way?
Here's my favourite activity from last week:
Grade 3
Directionality with Compass Points (North, South, East and West)
I placed the compass points around the room prior to the lesson starting.
As a warm up we played a game in partners. Child 1 chose a starting and finishing spot for child 2. Child 1 then directed child 2 using language such as "3 steps north" then "1 step east" etc. until they got to the finishing place. Children were not allowed to go over furniture and had to be directed around each. It worked sooooooooo well - to challenge some students I introduced the 8 compass points and one group even used a compass (they were boy scouts, they knew what to do!).
Then I gave the children a map of the school. Using compass directions, they made up little stories about going around the school, visiting classrooms in a certain direction and even visiting the Principal. The next step was to go outside and practice our compass points in the playground.
 It was sooooooo much fun - the kids had a great time and at the end I knew that every child in the room understood compass points! Time to celebrate children's achievements!

Credit to KPM Doodles

Back to School...

School starts again in Victoria on Monday after our 2 week winter break. As always, I didn't get all the things done over the holidays as I wanted to get done, but I was just sooooo tired after last term! Does anyone else feel the same way? As teachers we are constantly pushing ourselves to become better teachers, learn more and create more activities - hopefully I will be fine after only a little homework being done over the holidays. To make me jealous, how are all of you spending your summer holidays?
 Credit to Dollar Clipart


What is Multiplication? Free Booklet!

We were starting to talk about timestables recently. I asked the children in my class to find something/s in the room that explained what multiplication is. They were so creative, here are some of their responses:
 A timestable chart               Groups of with pencils
 I loved how this child explained how it linked to counting by
 This was fabulous! We went around the circle so each child could explain the link, we had no idea what this one meant until we reached her. Can you figure it out?
Another fabulous one.
I was soooo happy with where the discussion lead. When teaching timestables, I am really trying to concentrate on making sure children have the understanding of what multiplication means rather than just memorising all the answers. 
 We put multiplication flash cards into a container. Children drew out a card.
Then took them back to their table to draw the array. We did this activity for about 10 minutes, then we compared our favourites!
The multiplication/timestable flash cards are for sale on my TpT and TeachersMarketplace site (see below post). As a thanks for following my posts, I will email the 19 page document to the first five people who comment on this post! Don't forget to include your email address!

Help Please!!!

Hello all,

As you can see I am experiencing some problems with the design template of my blog..... I had a basic blogger template to begin with, then saw so many great blogs and wanted to import a cutest blog on the block template and ever since that time I have been having troubles. I followed all the instructions, and have tried to go back to the custom template, but each time, it just seems to layer on top of each other! I admit, I should have played around with the blogger template to start with and changed fonts, colours etc. but it's too late now!
Can you please tell me what the background looks like when you look at my blog?
How can I remove the cutest blog on the block template - it doesn't seem to work? And how do I remove the little pictures at the top of my blog?

Thanks so much in advance for your help - many of you are much better bloggers than me!!!!


Holidays Holidays!!!!

Yay! This week has been the first week of our winter 2 week break in Australia. After a couple of days of R&R in the country, I am back online, uploading items and searching around on everyone's blogs! I have just uploaded a new booklet to my TpT site and Teachersmarketplace site - Multiplication Times Tables Flash Cards! The kids have been fantastic in telling me things to make. These flash cards were created for use with arrays in my class as I taught them the meaning behind multiplication. Only $2 for 19 pages of flash cards and ideas and games to use in your classroom!

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