Testing Time!

We are having to do lots of testing in Year 3 at the moment (crazy since some of my US Teacher friends are bogged down in testing at the moment too) and haven't had a lot of time to teach fabulous Maths lessons. What impresses me the most is the children's enthusiasm towards each test! We have such a great group of kids at the moment, that they love anything we give them! It is so wonderful to see them cheering about doing Mental Maths and tests!

I do have a chance to add some more great activities to the page, so check them out!

A great quote from one of students today! "Ever since I've eaten lunch, it feels like my arm weights like 100kg" - WOW, where do kids get this from?!?

If you read my blog and find something useful, it would be great if you could post a comment - I would love some more feedback!!! Thanks!


  1. Alison! You have a great blog here...will you add a google connect button, so we can join as friends? Come visit me (I teach Kinder and found you on TpT). http://fcsandthensome.blogspot.com

    Have a Trouble Free Thursday!
    Sarah Burk

    1. Thanks Sarah! I added myself on your page, but I am not sure how to get one of those links on my page..... Can you help? Thanks so much! (I live in Australia so it is actually the end of Friday - Yay the weekend!!!). Thanks so much for the comment! Alison


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