Kids say and do.....

I was reading through my classes weekend writing tonight (my favourite time of the week - kids tell their teachers everything!) and found something that really made me laugh and I had to share! One child had written about how he was playing soccer on the Xbox and then he played basketball "but in real time because I don't have that on Xbox". I just had to laugh, how times have changed!

My class are currently designing vegetable patches on grid paper so we can work on area and perimeter. They were coming up with all different things to include in the vegetable patch, but when I had irrigation, sheds, compost bins and trees being draw I knew just how into it the kids were! They are so inventive! I can't wait until they are finished, I will share my favourite few......


  1. Hi Allison! I'm your newest follower! Your blog is beautiful and what a great resource! I've book marked you in my favorites!


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