Where does time go?

I started this blog with the intention of writing all about Maths - suggesting some great ideas and helping teachers teach Maths - and here I am, hardly posting anything about Maths! Time has flown by so quickly, school has been so busy and I know I still have SOOOO much to get done! After the national testing week, I am now working on their end of semester reports. Which in Australia means a couple of pages on each kid! They are very thorough and a great progress of their learning - they just take so long to write! So this weekend, my boyfriend is away, and my job is to get as many reports written as I possibly can. Wish me luck!!!
P.S. I promise for those who really want Maths activities, they will come! You might just have to wait a few weeks until I have a life again!

I just have to keep going, one step at a time!

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Kids say and do.....

I was reading through my classes weekend writing tonight (my favourite time of the week - kids tell their teachers everything!) and found something that really made me laugh and I had to share! One child had written about how he was playing soccer on the Xbox and then he played basketball "but in real time because I don't have that on Xbox". I just had to laugh, how times have changed!

My class are currently designing vegetable patches on grid paper so we can work on area and perimeter. They were coming up with all different things to include in the vegetable patch, but when I had irrigation, sheds, compost bins and trees being draw I knew just how into it the kids were! They are so inventive! I can't wait until they are finished, I will share my favourite few......

Ahoy! Pirate Maths!

I have had so much creating this! It is perfect for 1st or 2nd Grade (Grade 1 in Australia) and is a fun and engaging way to bring Pirates into Maths! 19 page booklet available from my TpT site! Have fun!!!


3D Shapes!

After we did some National Testing today we needed a break! So we explored some 3D shapes! First we all collected a 3D shape and worked with a partner identifying the differences between the shapes and where we can find them in nature... Then we got match sticks and modeling clay and created...

One of the students in my class was desperate to make a cone - this is what he came up with!!

And a couple of students decided to challenge themselves.... Children are amazing!!!!!!


Place Value Bingo!

This is a new file I have uploaded on TpT - it is one of my favourite games to play! Please leave a comment below including your email address and I will email this file to you for FREE (saving you $2.00!). Instructions on how to play can be found on my product description on TpT and is included in the document when downloaded! I hope it becomes one of your favourite games too!


Addition Top-It

Do you know the game Addition Top-It? I have a few different versions but recently discovered another one!

With younger children I play in partners. Each child turns over a card (so there are two showing at once), then have a race to add the cards together and say the answer. The first to say the answer wins the card (if it's a draw, each player gets a card).

As children progress with their understanding of addition and subtraction you can play in groups of three. One person is the dealer and two are the players. The dealer gives each player a card. Players don't look at their card and put it on their forehead so the other player can see their card. Then the dealer adds the two cards together and tells the players the answer. The fastest player to work out what card they have on their head wins. (So many great number strategies are used in this game - best thing is all children playing have to do some Maths!).

Recently, I tried playing this game as purely subtraction practise. Children were in their groups of three and instead the dealer would say "When I subtract this card (pointing to one) from this card (pointing to the other) I get an answer of..." and the players had to guess what card they had. It worked great! Children definitely had to think and remember to always subtract from the big number!! I was so glad I altered this game - it worked so well! I was so proud of the kiddos!

Measuring with a Scarf!

A fabulous winter activity as it starts to get cold.... burrr! From my "Great Ideas" page!

One of my favourite activities to do heading into winter is to get children to bring in a scarf from home. We talk about expansion (when we stretch our scarfs), line them up next to each other from biggest to smallest, join them together to measure huge distances, measure and compare using measuring tapes, work out the area and perimeter, guess and check how many times we can wrap it around a tree etc. etc.. Who knew you could do so much measuring with a scarf?

Thinking freebie resource.....

This is a great resource I have just posted as a freebie on my TpT website! You can download it here! I used it in my classroom for goal setting but you could use it for any type of thinking activity - perhaps even areas of Maths you want to work on - Maths goals or notes at the end of a Maths inquiry lesson! Download the pdf now and leave a feedback on how you would use it in your classroom!


Testing Time!

We are having to do lots of testing in Year 3 at the moment (crazy since some of my US Teacher friends are bogged down in testing at the moment too) and haven't had a lot of time to teach fabulous Maths lessons. What impresses me the most is the children's enthusiasm towards each test! We have such a great group of kids at the moment, that they love anything we give them! It is so wonderful to see them cheering about doing Mental Maths and tests!

I do have a chance to add some more great activities to the page, so check them out!

A great quote from one of students today! "Ever since I've eaten lunch, it feels like my arm weights like 100kg" - WOW, where do kids get this from?!?

If you read my blog and find something useful, it would be great if you could post a comment - I would love some more feedback!!! Thanks!
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