Quick and Easy Division Activity!

My Year 3 children were having trouble with division, so I took them back to the start! Firstly we collected a deck of cards, handful of blocks and a 10 sided dice.

Then we turned over two cards, added the number together and collected that number of blocks.

Then we rolled the dice and separated the blocks into that number of piles. It sounds basic and really easy for Year 3, but the discussion that came out of it was amazing! Children discussed remainders, fractions, times tables and subtraction! To extend some students further, we added in the Jack (11), Queen (12) and King (13) cards as well as the Joker (worth 20) so they were turning over larger numbers! A great success!


Operations Posters!

The children in my class were having trouble remembering the "proper" names for the four operations and the names they had used in younger year levels. "....oh you mean sharing!". So I created these fabulous bright and colorful posters! 

They all love them - simply purchase for only $2.00 from my teacherpayteacher website, print and laminate and you can enjoy them too!

New Zealand Maths

Have you ever visited this website? http://nzmaths.co.nz/ I love the New Zealand Maths website. Simply click on the area of Maths you are investigating, then the year level and you have lots of activities to choose from. I love how hands on a lot of the units are and how many go across the week! Fabulous!

Free Resources!

I've added a new page to my blog! Every teacher needs free resources to make life easier so check it out today! Here is a poster I made for my classroom to help the children remember to use their knowledge of addition to check their subtraction sums!

A great idea!

I was looking through some of my old photos over the break and came across this group activity. When teaching children about doubles, put small dobs of paint on one side of the piece of paper, fold it in half then open it again and presto, you have made doubles. Repeat with lots of different numbers....
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