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12 Things I Loved About Christmas Linky!

I’m linking up with Mel at Frogspot (From the Pond) and joining in with her...

I have done 12 Things I Love About Christmas FULL STOP!

1. Family
Christmas is the time where we all get together. Christmas Day is everyone together at Grandma’s, including cousins and Aunties and Uncles! Doesn't my Grandma look great for 89!

2. Decorations
Don’t you just love Christmas decorations – I do! My boyfriend and I bought a little Christmas Tree and we letting it grow in the pot. Last year we picked a Christmas decoration together, this year we did the same thing (only we bought this year’s in September when we visited New Zealand!). We are making it a yearly tradition!

3. Shops
I love going shopping for Christmas, the atmosphere at the shops (as long as I get there early), the music, the excitement and the decorations (just as long as I didn’t leave it all until the last minute!)

4. End of the School Year
As much as I don’t like saying good-bye to my group of kiddoes, the end of the school year is a relief in lots of ways. After Christmas I get to wind down completely, knowing that there is very little I can do!

5. Winter
I know this sounds crazy since it is Summer in Australia, but I love visiting the US at Christmas and having a white-ish Christmas!

6. Nativity Scenes
I love seeing Nativity scenes around the town and in Churches. The story is so magical!

7. Presents
I LOVE giving presents. I love organising, wrapping, decorating and then making the cards. What colour scheme will I go for next year I wonder……?

8. Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve was always the time when Grandma, Grandpa and my family would have pizza night, so Mum and Grandma didn’t have to cook. Now it has turned into Spaghetti Bolognaise night and the kids cook! My brother and sister finish work and come and stay and it is the whole family staying overnight at Grandma’s. Just like the old days! Then we sit down and watch the Carols altogether...

9. Pie
I LOVE pie! Every Christmas my Mum makes Pecan Pie and my brother makes Lemon Meringue Pie – add Grandma’s pudding to that and I think it is safe to say I would rather eat dessert than Christmas dinner! This pie, unfortunately, ended up on the floor this year.... but it looked great beforehand, and the lemon tasted great, Grandma now has meringue scented carpet!

10. Turkey
I used to love when we cooked up a turkey for Thanksgiving (life is too busy for another get together at that time of the year) and we would get to have Turkey twice in one year. Leftover Turkey sandwiches at school for the next week were our favourites!

11. Lights
Christmas lights can brighten anyone’s mood. They have just so bright, colourful and inviting.

12. Playing
After Christmas Day I get to play with all my new presents – I love new things, even if I don’t need them! Following Christmas I then have the anticipation of my birthday (less than a week away now!) and more presents!

Don't forget to keep checking back in the next few days to find out about my 30th Birthday Celebration on my blog!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone and welcome to all my new followers! We are mid afternoon on Christmas Eve in Australia. The house has been cleaned, the shortbread made, the pie crusts ready to be filled and all the presents are wrapped! We were thankful the cool change came through last night after temperatures of 110 degrees yesterday, fitting that the picture on the front page of the newspaper is Santa in a Lifesaving boat! Although it it Summer, we will have a traditional roast lunch tomorrow, with 18 of my relatives all venturing to my Grandmother's house to enjoy the festivities. What will you do?
Courtesy of Graphics from the Pond

Congratulations to my giveaway winner Lori who will enjoy emptying her Teachers Pay Teachers shopping cart with a $25 gift certificate. My 30th birthday is coming up and I am feeling generous so make sure you call back early January for my next giveaway!

If you didn't check out the freebie blog hop I was involved in recently, why not check out my post here, you can get yourself lots of freebies all set for when school returns.

Merry Christmas and a very happy, safe and relaxing holiday season to all!

Blog Hopping Fun!

A great bunch of girls and I have put our minds together to create so blog hopping fun for you all, with the bonus a freebie at the end of each post! Are you excited? You should be!!! (Make sure you read right to the end, because shhhhh there are two great giveaways too!)  If you have followed the blog hop right from the start, are a new follower or new reader - welcome! If you have just started the blog hop, why not hop back to the start! It is worth it!

Are you looking forward to the New Year? I am! Even though school won't start for us until the end of January, I put together a great freebie for you to use as soon as school starts back again (whether it is early January or the end of January!).

Children will investigate what 2013 is going to look like for them. Each child will need 5 full pages, that are then sliced between to create a 10 page half page booklet! Topic's covered include academic goals, showing independence, being helpful, showing compassion and showing empathy. It's a freebie, so why not download it and check it out! Here are a few images!

Click here to download it!

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Next stop on the blog hop is:
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$25 Gift Certificate to TpT Giveaway

Have you entered my Merry Christmas and Thank you giveaway? The prize is a $25 Gift Certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers. I wish I could win my own giveaway! Click on the image below to go to the blog post and rafflecopter. You still have a few days!

Good luck!

P.S. 3 more days of school left before the end of the school year!

Silence for Sandy Hook Elementary


Merry Christmas $25 Gift Certificate!

Hello to all my blogger friends! I hope this blog post find you not too busy and enjoying the run up to the holidays! We have had a couple of hot days here in Australia, is it snowing for anyone? Christmas and snow is so romantic! Agree?

There is a heap going for me.... School finishes for the school year next Friday, I am moving schools at the end of the year so busy cleaning out my classroom, getting ready for Christmas and my birthday (big 30!) and then moving 4 hours away in January before the start of a new school year - way too much to do!

However, I wanted to take the opportunity to say a HUGE THANKYOU to everyone who has followed me over the last 9 months both on my blog and through Teachers Pay Teachers! Although I started out thinking of just creating maths resources, my blog and store has turned into so much more! Because of you, everyone who has purchased something from my store, I have been able to buy an Ipad and lots of resources for my classroom!

To celebrate, I am giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers. Who wouldn't want that! If you already follow my blog and my TpT store, you are in luck, there is a simple 4 entries for you! Following my collaborative board Downloads from Down Under on pinterest will get you another 4 entries. Blog about it and you will get even more entries! Check out the rafflecopter below and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P.S. Don't forget, if you are looking for a great, last minute Christmas gift for your parents (that requires only photocopying on your part) why not head on over and check out my Christmas Coupon pack. There is heaps of variety in this pack!


Holiday Destination Linky

I'm linking up with Mrs Poultney's Ponderings Holiday Destination. Here in Australia we have another week of school to go and then the holidays so we are counting down until the end of the year! Then 6 weeks off, wooo hooo!

I have one place I am going and one I wish I was going to!

My first holiday destination is a place called Indented Head on Port Phillip Bay. My family have camped here for 60 years. Grandma and Grandpa always stayed their for all of January and we would pop in and out, go fishing with Grandpa and cool off in the summer heat! Since Grandpa passed away we have kept going down - it is a great family get together each year! Set up day next weekend, just before Christmas, then we will spend some of January down there!

My other holiday destination (where I wish I was going) is where my other Grandma lives - Sutter, California. My Grandparents have had such a big impact on my life that I love visiting both my Grandma's. I'm just really sad this one lives so far away! Sutter is really flat, (it's in the Sacramento Valley), but there is this extinct volcano that helps you guide your way around - the Sutter Buttes. I love going for walks on crisp winter mornings - not a huge fan of Summer! But alas, tickets are too expensive this time of year, so I will have to wait a little longer for my next visit!



That's about all I can say "Exhausted!". It is the end of the school year here in Australia and there is lots to get done in the next few weeks! I had camp this week with my lovely bunch of Grade 3's. They were so excited, but after one day, exhausted too! If only that storm hadn't come through and scared them all! I think I finally got to sleep around 4am, only to get up at 6am! The things we do as teachers!

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my recent purchases that I can't wait to use (I stocked up for next year while it was Cybersales - lucky I knew I am going to be teaching Grades 3/4 next year!)
I can't wait to use these Measurement Cards next year. I especially love the relationship between actual items and then draw the length! For US readers, I know some of you learn cm, if not, hopefully Tania makes a inches one soon! Download your own copy here!
Edit: Tania is currently working on her inches pack so keep an eye out!
I love playing Battleships, so when I saw this pack I just had to buy it! So many different Battleship games are included for different levels of children. They are very professional looking! Download your own copy here!
I am always looking for new ideas for teaching Multiplication so couldn't wait to download this packet. So many different games that I had never played! Download your own copy here!
I LOVE the book Miss Nelson is Missing. This pack looks fabulous, I can't wait to use it next year when school starts. Download your own copy here!


Amazing Giveaway!

Melissa at "Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late" (don't you just love her name!) is having an amazing giveaway to celebrate 100 followers. She has not one, but two prizes. Head on over to her blog to check it out and enter. I am contributing one item from my store! If you already follow me, then you get a very simple entry! Click the link below....

Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

While you are blog hoping, why not head over to An Educator's Life. It's Share the Wealth Saturday Freebie time, so find yourself a great freebie this lovely weekend! Or better yet, link up with one of your freebies!


Thankyou, Ipad and freebie!

What an amazing sale for Cyber Monday and Tuesday. A BIG THANKYOU to everyone who supported my store! Not only have I now reached and surpassed my end of year goal but I have also reached my goal for buying an Ipad! I was sure I wasn't going to be able to get it until next year, but I am the proud owner right now! Here it is, I'm just a tad excited!
Just ignore the bags under my eyes, it's been a long week! And I still have camp next week!

So a huge THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU to each and everyone of you who have purchased something from me, now I have an Ipad to show for it and way too much clipart! TpT really does change lives!

So now I need some advice from you all - I have some apps already loaded for the classroom and now plan to go through my pinterest board to see everything I pinned for "when I get an Ipad", but do you use an app that you absolutely love? I am especially looking for great Listen to Reading books for Grades 3/4 children.

If you haven't popped over to my store recently, I recently uploaded this freebie of game pieces (pawn and bishop) and dice for use in your resources. Click on the picture below to download the pack.
P.S. Funny Story! I had a first today, we had a HOT day timetable at lunchtime! It was too hot to let the children go outside so we stayed in all lunch and played games. Since today was my yard duty day it worked out perfectly! NOT looking forward to Summer at all! Does anyone have any snow they can send over? Or at least cold thoughts?


Can't wait for the Sales! What about you?

I am so excited for the Teachers Pay Teachers sales that start on Monday (US time). I don't know about you, but my wish list is getting bigger and bigger all the time. I really shouldn't go on pinterest, I shouldn't, but I just find so many great things there! I love a great sale so will definitely be spending up big! (Shhh, don't tell, but I have already been over to KPM Doodles and Scrappin Doodles to make GREAT use of their sales!) I'm will actually be surprised if a) my computer doesn't crash with all my new downloads (you can never have too much clipart), or b) I don't run out of internet usage by Wednesday! I will just have to download at school I think!

I will be offering the full 20% discount, plus the 10% from Teachers Pay Teachers with the use of the code CMT12. Here are some previews of some of my new teaching resources.


And a good old favourite! There is still December to July to be used so this booklet is discounted! 7 months of worksheets for $2! Bargain!
Happy shopping all! Best thing, is that it is from the comfort of your own home!
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